6 Apartments for a Winter Getaway

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Winter is cold, long, and dark, and that’s why we completely understand if all you want to do is stay home and hibernate under a blanket until the coming of spring. But, what about those sunny winter days with clear blue skies? Days in which going out for a walk, or having a cup of hot cocoa at any café can sound very tempting. As we were saying, winter may be cold, but it’s nothing a good coat, hat, and pair of gloves can’t fix. We love traveling in the wintertime, and that’s why we are proposing 6 different apartments where you’ll feel right at home for a winter getaway, or a weekend escapade. And even if you can’t resist the temptation of spending hours by the fireplace in the evening, we still have the perfect solution for you.



The Golden City where you’ll feel as if in a fairytale, just as you will in this apartment for the whole family. Spacious and perfectly equipped, it easily molds to every need that may arise.

Romantic and snow-covered, that’s what Prague is like in winter. Its magical towers, and its medieval and bohemian atmosphere take us back in time. Although all of Prague is, in itself, a museum, the Astronomical Clock, the Old Town Square, and the Charles Bridge are some of the attractions you can’t miss out on.



“Ich bin ein Berliner” – John F. Kennedy. Feel like any other citizen of this capital city at this apartment. Cozy and with a vintage touch, it couldn’t belong anywhere else other than Berlin. With friends or with the little ones; it’s perfect for all tastes.

Let the city itself tell you its deep history, and enjoy the wide range of activities Berlin has to offer. Join its citizens and take up biking as your means of transport, warm yourself up with a warm cup of Glühwein (mulled wine), or skate over the frozen lakes of the Wansee or Grunewald.



This apartment comes with the perfect bedroom for recharging your batteries and getting ready to explore the city. Luminous and very spacious with room for up to 9 people, and located in the Eixample Esquerra neighborhood. The perfect location to not miss any of our top must-see sites: the Sagrada Familia, the Batlló House, the Park Güell, the Pedrera, and for soccer lovers, the Camp Nou.



We’ve started the year with more energy than ever but it’s also good to indulge from time to time, right? Relax in the sauna and soak in a hot bath in this luxurious apartment after a long day visiting the Parliament Building, the Buda Castle, and the Chain Bridge. Get lost through its streets brimming with history and discover what makes Budapest “The Pearl of the Danube”.



As promised, we couldn’t stop ourselves from suggesting an apartment where all you are bound to want to do is spend countless hours by the fireplace immersed in your favorite book, or simply relishing in the stunning views over Zermatt, Switzerland. The perfect refuge to get away from the cold.

Lose yourself in the mountain during the day, and feel nature in its purest form in a traffic-free town that is inaccessible to private cars.



Last but not least we’d like to suggest this cozy cottage in the small town of Liptov Malatíny, near the Magura Hill, in Slovakia. The perfect destination for making the most of a winter getaway with the family with rest and fun guaranteed. Traveling with kids had never been this easy with this two-story cottage.


We can’t decide… And you? Which do you choose?


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