P.A. Straubinger Documentary on People Who Live on Air

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Every year dozens of documentaries are released on hunger in the world, focusing mainly on the failures of our food production system and how badly we manage energy resources. Interestingly, this Christmas brings us an unusual documentary which examines the very need to eat and drink, fasting, and the phenomenon of faith.

breatharianism documentary

This Austrian director, P.A. Straubinger examines the idea that modern man can be fed by nothing more than light.  He examines Jassmuheen´s book, “Living on light” and looks into the various stories of supposed breatharians. The documentary takes a quick world tour, which crosses Austria and Germany, and looks at communities and figures for whom the idea that the human body can become self-sufficient, nourished only by the air we breathe, has become a reality.

He visits a monastery in China where it seems that no one eats, a Yogi in India that has gone 70 years without eating or drinking, a Russian woman who has claimed to live on air that many have called a liar, and other testimony from scientists and dieticians. He also takes a look at German figures known for their inedia. Generally these people back up their fasting with different spiritual claims, arguing that if one is accustomed to spiritual activities like meditation or prayer, this type of fasting may be popular.

These people raise interesting questions about the power of faith, science and human drive.  Are these breatharians telling the truth and trying to enlighten others about the possibility of living in a fasting state for long periods of time, either out of necessity or inclination? Or are they just peddling hot air?

Sonia Teruel Only-apartments AuthorSonia Teruel

This documentary will have its premiere in Paris soon.  Why not rent apartments in Paris and see if you prefer living on air or luscious croissants, duck, and seasonal vegatables sauteed in butter?


salome antigone Only-apartments TranslatorTranslated by: salome antigone

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