Tribute to Henri Cartier-Bresson at Reggia di Caserta in Naples

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Images and Words is the name of the photographic exhibition dedicated to Henri Cartier-Bresson hosted at Reggia di Caserta until the 14th of January. This is a quick glance at the works of one of the fathers of photojournalism, which was possible thanks to a special selection made by critics, writers, intellectuals, photographers and even Henri Cartier-Bresson’s friends.

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The “exclusive selection” of 44 photographs made the launch of this unique exhibition possible. We’ll be able to find, along with each photo, comments by intellectuals and friends of the photographer. The words that accompany the images were written by, among others, Pierre Alechinsky, Ernst Gombrich, Leonardo Sciascia, Alessandro Baricco and Ferdinando Scianna. This is a certainly different and interesting way to learn about the life and works of Henri Cartier-Bresson and at the same time, go deeper in issues related to photography: its communicative power, stylistic peculiarities and its role in the society.”

The exhibition has also been included in a publication edited by Contrasto Books. This book presents 50 interventions around the aforementioned critics and intellectuals, who tell their own opinions and thoughts about the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson. This is an interesting book that I suggest you to read because it will prepare you if you decide to visit the exhibition.

Useful information

Reggia di Caserta is located half hour away from Naples. You can get there by car taking the Autostrada A1, via Caserta Nord, or by train to Caserta and walk from the station about five minutes. Keep in mind that Reggia di Caserta is an extraordinarily beautiful place; in fact it is no a coincidence that UNESCO has declared it as a World Heritage Site (1997). So, it is a good idea to take advantage of your time and get lost in its palaces’ halls, the royal park and gardens (some of the most beautiful in Europe).

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Henri Cartier-Bresson Immagini e Parole is the exhibition that will bring you closer to the world of one of the great photographers of our time; find apartment accommodation in Naples and don’t miss the exhibition of this great master of the lens.

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