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Low Cost Plans in Madrid: Under 20 Euros

What can you do in Madrid with less than 20 euros? Lots of things. No question about it. With that amount of money you’ll be able to experience any of countless plans, ranging from a workshop-tasting of the trendiest drink, climbing up the Madrid skies aboard a cable-car, delighting in a chocolate con churros in one of the capital city’s most traditional and emblematic venues, or even enjoying a boat ride along the pond of the popular Park of El Retiro. Are you ready? You’ll have to dig in your pocket, but not too deep.

Gin Tonic Tasting Course


For a mere 15 euros you can become a true connoisseur of the trendiest of “potions”. Gin tonic culture is definitely en vogue. There are dozens of potential styles and combinations: mixed with licorice, seeds, orange, lemon, lime, sugar cane, etc. The course, which takes place at Madrid’s Gintonería de Candilón, lasts around 2 hours. You’ll taste premium gins and tonics, and they’ll teach you to mix the perfect gin tonic. Your friends will all be in awe.


The Cable-Car of the Casa de Campo


Although a leisurely ride over the Madrid skyline is priceless, this cable-car does come at a price. The cost for adults is just 5.90 euros for a round trip. Children under 3 travel for free.

Check the schedules on their website: www.teleferico.com.


Get Yourself a Drink at an Ice Bar


Can you imagine hanging out at an ice bar, with a bar, stools, and glasses carved out of ice? Well, all that is possible in the Spanish capital for a mere 15 euros, and that includes your drink. They’ll lend you a warm coat and gloves so your hands don’t free. The coldest 70 square meters in all of Madrid, no doubt about it. Location: Calle Conde de Romanones, 3.

For further information: www.icebarmadrid.com.


Big Van – Scientific Monologues

BIG VAN-madrid

This is a group of scientists-turned-monologists. They cover scientific topics, mathematics, physics, engineering, biology, and chemistry in a humorous, dynamic, and informative way. They bust some of the greatest myths of science, and answer the audience’s questions as they raise their hands to be allowed to speak. Tickets for groups of 4 come at a discount, starting at 12 euros. All others are 17 euros.

Where? At the Cofidís Theater, on Madrid’s Calle Alcalá.


A Full-on Castizo Evening for Less than 20 Euros


If you are looking to spend the evening in the most traditional of ways for little money, look no further. My advice is to get yourself a good chocolate con churros at San Ginés for less than 4 euros, take a boat ride on one of the boats of El Retiro for 7.50€, tour the Madrid of the Habsburg Monarchy on an electric bike for just 1 euro, and of course, end the day watching the sunset from the Faro de Moncloa. Get yourself to the top of Faro de Moncloa, a 92 meter-tall lookout. Price: 3 euros. You’ll have a great afternoon, and I can guarantee you won’t even spend a 20 euros note.