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‘Candide’ Operetta in Madrid

If you like the genre of operetta theater you´re in luck, because the Canal Theaters in Madrid offer you the opportunity to attend one of the most popular and expected performances of the season “Candide.” If you do not know about this fun musical genre know that the operetta is the little sister of the opera. An operation in which raw musical humor, satire and frames full of errors, absurdities and chaos take place. It was the people´s opera, a show which the humblest citizens could attend for an afternoon of laughter, humor and fun. Over time, the genre has evolved without losing its popular essence . “Candide” was composed by the brilliant American pianist, composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein. Which was based on the original story written by the eighteenth-century artist Voltaire. It tells the story of Candide, a disciple of Doctor Pangloss. The mentor instructs the apprentice and makes her understand and see the goodness and good faith in everything around her. Everything is viewed with optimism under the gaze of Candide, who along with her girlfriend Cunegonde and Dr. Pangloss begins a wild journey traveling around the world. During this journey the protagonist encounters situations that test her understanding of life, malice, envy, selfishness and suffering that crosses her path at every turn. How does Candide react to these situations? Can she assume the reality of the situations that happen to her? The play is full of double meanings and irony, satire and exceptional music that is a delight duringthe entire performance. Responsible for directing “Candide” in this new adaptation in Spain is the consecrated actor,...

Marc Chagall in Madrid

Approaching a painting today, in the 21st century, is undoubtedly a unique experience, knowing that we live in a time where digital image has surpassed the frontiers of utility and, without warning us, has become a way to measure the visual interaction that we have with the real and virtual world. From the surface of the image, we understand ideas, contexts, discourses, feelings that, with the growing speed of information, seem to become more and more blurred all the time. But the truth is that the images aren´t blurred or get erased, instead we´re facing a time in which each thought, idea, information and expression codes are going at a faster speed that, at times, surpasses us.   Here´s an exercise to understand this problem: stop and write after long hours in front a a computer but with a pencil or a pen. Try to be as sensitive to the movement of your hand as possible, and don´t think much when writing the letters, do it quickly. You´ll see how the quickness of your hands isn´t as fast as your thinking and, consequently, many letters are missing from the writing. It´s not lack of attention, it´s simply that in digital reality, the transmission processes are faster, and will carry on being faster until they remove writing, drawing, painting. And so, approaching a painting by Chagali, for example, in this time of vertiginous computer technology, is still a luxury and an experience of a fictitious past that perhaps never happened, from which we don´t have any links or relations. From the neoliberal machinery in which global conduct resides and twists, from which...

ARCO Madrid

ARCO Madrid is one of the most important events related to contemporary art. It takes place in February in the Spanish capital.

Teatralia Madrid

Teatralia is one of the events related to arts for children and teenagers that takes place in Spain.

Dehesa de la Villa in Madrid

Dehesa de la Villa is a park in Madrid that maintains its appearance as a forest and has flora and wildlife which can be enjoyed with the family.

Parque del Retiro

The Parque del Retiro is one of Madrid´s most significant places. With over 291 acres of land, it has various places to enjoy with your family.

Jazz Festival in Madrid

The Madrid Jazz Gestival arrives to the Spanish capital this autumn proposing a month-long concert programme.