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Only-Be Portuense

Porto, a city with special charm

Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal, located in the north of the country and by the estuary of the Douro river, by the Atlantic Ocean. It also carries the same name as port wine, which originates from this region. The city centre has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, due to the beauty of its art deco architecture and the history of its buildings, which turn them into a place where it seems that time stands still. Its likeness to a British city and that feeling of a port city is so attractive that very little is required in order to enjoy your stay in Porto. One must say that everything is historical in this city, but it complements itself with delicious food, great wine and the kindness of its people.   The Ribeira district The Ribeira district, as its name indicates, is located in the riverside of the Douro and around the square with the same name. It´s a beautiful area with its multi-coloured buildings that contrast with the river waters. You can go on an interesting tour around its steeped streets and find beautiful little cafés with tables outside. Clérigos Tower Torre dos Clérigos is located in the top part of the city, on the ´hill of the hanged´, and it receives this name because that´s where the people who were tried and hanged used to be buried. It´s a tower that rises 250ft into the air and that was built in 1763. It´s considered one of the most important landmarks in the city and it´s therefore one of the most visited ones. ...