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Celebrate Your Birthday in Budapest

Budapest offers endless possibilities when it comes to celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or another event. Even if it’s not the image that normally comes to mind when we think of the capital of Hungary, it’s a very exciting and lively city with a variety of options to choose from. You can start the day out in a traditional spa, watch the sunset over dinner while cruising on the Danube, and then finish with drinks in the bohemian neighborhood of Budapest: the Jewish Quarter. Let the party begin!

Design Route in Budapest

Don’t be surprised when we tell you that on your next trip to Budapest you can purchase genuinely exquisite garments and accessories that are entirely Made in Budapest. The capital of Hungary is now a breeding ground for young designers who have opened their own design stores and are currently enjoying great success. Photo: Nouhailler You can find them in the city center within walking distance of each other. Here’s a list that will help you to identify them easily: Printa Akadémia This store mainly showcases household items, but it also offers a mix of other cool stuff, like a silkscreen workshop, art gallery and cafe. In short it’s a concept store, the first in Budapest, in which the “eco-design” philosophy governs everything in this multipurpose space. Here you can enjoy fair trade coffee, buy furniture designed by a local artist or accessories for men, women and children. And if you have time, take part in one the workshops which are held every so often. Printa Academy is in the Jewish Quarter, at Rumbach Sebestyén utca 10.   Kék Ló This shop is also located in the Jewish quarter, this time at Kazinczy utca 11. In Kék Ló, which means “blue horse”, they offer eco-friendly clothing as well as some garments constructed from second-hand clothes. And you can also enjoy a beer or smoke (which is still legal in Hungary). Another interesting aspect of Kék Ló are the prices. For very few (between 9 and 20) euros you can find pieces with a unique design. This is the kind of bargain that is quite simply irresistable. Tisza Cipő Are you...

Pécs, the city of culture

Together with Budapest and Lake Balaton, Pécs is a must if you decide to tour Hungary. It is the fifth largest city in the country and it is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Despite not being too big, it was the old gate of the Balkans and a gateway for all these civilizations that were transforming over the centuries.   At 200 kilometers from Budapest, Pécs is a perfect getaway: A walk through the museum If you seek post-impressionist paintings find them in the Museum of Hungarian artists (Janus Pannonius street number 11). It is also advisable to visit the Roman ruins of Early Christian Necropolis of Sopianae, which are from the fourth century and has a special architectural value that has been found excavated underground in burial chambers. And not to mention its artistic value and which is kept perfectly decorated with Christian frescoes. And finally the cultural tour, the neo-Romanesque basilica of San Pedro which has four towers and a museum vault. The views from here are superb. Wine by region In Pécs atmosphere is open-minded, cheerful and Mediterranean and the wine region of Mecsekalja certainly is worth visiting. In that area they specialize in sparkling wines, the most well known are Riesling, Riezlingszilváni, the Tramini, the Hárslevelű and Királyleányka. All are of mild flavor and soft, floral and fresh. Hungarians like white and sparkling wines. You must try “fröccs”, a popular wine and soda drink.  University City Despite being a small city, with a population of 160,000 , Pécs is home to more than 3,000 college students. Thanks to its multiracial character  and college town of...

The Most Unusual Buildings in Budapest

Budapest is a unique city with its blend of new and old. This eclectic mix of ancient and modern makes the city an architectural paradise. Walk down nearly any street, and you’re sure to find some architectural marvel. From crumbling Roman ruins to the elegance of Gothic and Renaissance eras, from fascinating ottoman baths and mosques to Baroque churches and Classicist symmetry, the architecture of Budapest is a marvel. While you can hardly walk a mile without seeing one of these examples, there are a few places you really can’t miss. These buildings stand out from an already prominent architectural crowd, making them spots that no architecture buff will want to miss. The National Theater The 619-seat National Theater was designed by architect Mária Siklós and was inaugurated on March 15, 2002. It was built to replace Hungary’s old National Theater that was torn down by the ruling Communist government in 1964. The new theater sits along the banks of the Danube, between Soroksári road, the Grand Boulevard and the Lágymányosi Bridge. The building itself is fascinating, and the surrounding park is beautiful, dotted with tributes to the Hungarian drama and film industry.   The Palace of Arts This imposing structure sprawls over 10,000 square meters, and has become the cultural hub of the city. The Palace is home to Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, the Ludwig Museum and the Festival Theatre, making it a bustling hub of music, dance, and even children’s activities. Sleek columns support towering ceilings, and a breathtaking panoramic terrace overlooks vast swathes of the city.   Uránia National Movie Theatre The Uránia structure combines...

Ice Hockey World Championship in Budapest

In the month of April, the city of Budapest will host the Ice Hockey World Championship, during which the best teams from six selected countries in Division I, Group A, will compete. Teams from Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy and Kazakhstan will play their matches in the Hungarian capital’s Sportarena while seeking to attain the top placing in their group and, of course, the title of World Champions. Games will be held from April 14 to 20. The 6 teams will play a total of 15 games, which are divided up between those seven days, so that the teams will play each other once. On April 14, the championship will begin with a match between the national teams of Japan and Kazakhstan at 12:30 pm local time. The following match brings together the teams of Korea and Italy at 4 pm. And to end the first day, the hosts will face Britain at 7:30 pm. These game times will be repeated over the following days, until the April 20, at 7:30 pm, for the final game, in which Hungary and Japan will face off and wrap up this competition on Hungarian soil. The Sportarena pavilion in Budapest has welcomed this and other sporting events since its construction in 2001. Ice hockey has always been one of the most popular sports played at the venue, which is due to the Hungarian’s love for this sport. The Sportarena has also hoted a number of other world championships, including those for wrestling, handball and tennis. They are easily able to match the characteristics of the pavillion to the needs of...

Winter Excursions in Budapest

Budapest has a unique appeal that distinguishes it from other cities in central Europe. Of course, this is partly due to the beautiful Danube River which crosses the city and lends the Hungarian capital connotations of elegance, romance and tradition. One would need a lot of space to write about all the stories, songs and myths involving this famous river. Since it can get quite cold in Budapest in the winter, parts of the river may even freeze. If you’re lucky, the city might be transformed into a snow-white streetscape or just receive a light dusting, which makes it an even more fantastic to explore, discover and take pictures. Budapest also has the distinction of being a relatively flat city. This means you can walk from one end to the other without the slightest inconvenience or getting fatigued. Of course, the city’s subway and public transport system is also very efficient. However, if you prefer to walk, this city’s structure makes that possible. Just make sure you’ve dressed properly for cold weather. Normafa The areas around Budapest also provide a lot of options for those interested in snow, skiing and hiking. Both locals and visitors come out to Normafa mountain near Budapest when it has snowed. It’s easy and safe to reach this mountain using public transport. Whether using skis, sleds, or special shoes for hiking in snow, you´ll love going up and down this mountain. And the scenery around is beautiful and romantic.  Visegrád Visegrád is another important location near Budapest. This area is frequented by many students when school is in session, and it offers visitors a...

ACB Gallery Budapest

The ACB Gallery in Budapest manages young Hungarian artists and, with an ambitious plan, tries to internationalize Hungarian art.

Holocaust Memorial Budapest

A memorial centre and museum dedicated to the dramatic era of Nazi occupation and the Holocaust. Centro de la memoria y museo dedicado a la drámatica etapa de la


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