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Winter Excursions in Budapest

Budapest has a unique appeal that distinguishes it from other cities in central Europe. Of course, this is partly due to the beautiful Danube River which crosses the city and lends the Hungarian capital connotations of elegance, romance and tradition. One would need a lot of space to write about all the stories, songs and myths involving this famous river. Since it can get quite cold in Budapest in the winter, parts of the river may even freeze. If you’re lucky, the city might be transformed into a snow-white streetscape or just receive a light dusting, which makes it an even more fantastic to explore, discover and take pictures. Budapest also has the distinction of being a relatively flat city. This means you can walk from one end to the other without the slightest inconvenience or getting fatigued. Of course, the city’s subway and public transport system is also very efficient. However, if you prefer to walk, this city’s structure makes that possible. Just make sure you’ve dressed properly for cold weather.

winter excursion budapest


The areas around Budapest also provide a lot of options for those interested in snow, skiing and hiking. Both locals and visitors come out to Normafa mountain near Budapest when it has snowed. It’s easy and safe to reach this mountain using public transport. Whether using skis, sleds, or special shoes for hiking in snow, you´ll love going up and down this mountain. And the scenery around is beautiful and romantic. 


Visegrád is another important location near Budapest. This area is frequented by many students when school is in session, and it offers visitors a greater number of activities throughout the winter season. These hills are perfect for families who enjoy skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Visegrád is located about fifty kilometers from Budapest and can be reached quickly by car. Don’t forget to bundle up before you leave home.


Another beautiful hill to visit is Dobogoko, which is also located very near Budapest. It has trails for beginners as well as experienced athletes and snow fans. You can also go on extensive hikes or take one of the many tours for tourists to travel all over the mountain. This place is said to have a great deal of positive energy, which is why many people travel here to be influenced by the positive vibes and to improve one’s attitudes and environment.

Rent comfortable apartments in Budapest city and enjoy this memorable city during the winter months. In addition to lovely walks and beautiful natural landscapes, Budapest offers culture, history, and art that the whole family will enjoy.