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Club Boeme Rome

A place to spend a nice evening with different music to dance to and cocktails for all tastes and, the best part, three different atmospheres to choose from.

Ghione Theatre Rome

A few steps from the Vatican, this splendid theatre has room for 500 people.

Art Café di Roma

Art Café is a club in the city of Rome that has a reputation for its eccentricity. It differences itself from the rest for its style and inside various events can

La Maison

La Maison is one of the bars that has the best view of the city of Rome because it´s on the shores of the River Tiber and from there you can see various monuments.

Piper Club

Piper Club is a classic of the Roman nightlife that all tourist should visit if they want to have a good time with friends and have delicious drinks and enjoy good music.

Bar Gilda and Le Cru Restaurant

The ensemble of Bar Gilda and Le Cru restaurant are what tourists look for when they arrive in Rome. Good food and a lot of partying during the whole night.

Freni e Frizioni

Freni e Frizioni is a typical bar in Rome which is famous for its peculiar atmosphere: it´s an old garage. You can enjoy lovely drinks there while you eat something.

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