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Club Boeme Rome

The Boeme Club in Rome, has its name as a tribute to the scope of how life unfolds on its dancefloor. Known for its theme parties, good live music and the bohemian personalities which are regulars on its dancefloor, it has transformed itself into a very attractive place for the tourists who see the ideal place to spend a good night of partying in its Baroque decoration.


Maybe what makes Boeme attractive is its eclectic programme, where all rhythms can be enjoyed. It also has a large bar where you can spend a pleasant night with music and a few drinks.


The place is divided in four rooms: one is the ´Entrance Room´ where there are cabaret shows; the Baroque Room, which has capacity for 800 people; the Fantasy Room which can host up to 100 people; and, finally, the Boeme Room, with capacity for 200 people and it´s the ideal place for parties and private events.


But Boeme doesn´t just know about drinks and dancing, it also has a catering service and a good menu for those who want to dine in a more private atmosphere.


If you´d thought about renting apartments in Rome a good alternative to make this trip a pleasant and unforgettable one is to spend a night at Boeme club.