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Roman Holiday

Remember Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn touring Rome on their 50’s Vespa in Roman Holiday? A love story set to the backdrop of Rome’s majestic beauty. The so-called Eternal City still preserves all of its magnetism despite its years. This is a city worth experiencing, fully admiring its charm, its ancient sites, and discovering the many events it proposes for the summer season, making the most of your visit to this amazing open-air museum. By the Shade of the Colosseum Like every year, the Roman summer returns with a great backdrop to it: the historical center of the Italian capital. Celio Park, art, cuisine, and entertainment will be the protagonists until September 4th. Many Italian and international artists will take part in this event, already considered a tradition that has not gone unnoticed by tourists, and music and theater lovers alike. “All’Ombra del Colosseo” kicks off at 9am with a dip in a pool with views over the Colosseum, followed by a good Italian aperitif in the evening, and ending off with shows and partying. Don’t forget to enjoy the best of Roman cuisine during this event… and to that end, here are some of our suggestions:   Traditional Roman Cuisine It’s no secret that Italian cuisine is held in very high esteem worldwide, and you’ll find flavors and recipes in Rome that will simply steal your heart. So after a show at the “Ombra del Colosseo”, why not head towards the area of Trastevere to taste the best of Roman cuisine in its many restaurants, serving dishes like: amatriciana, carbonara and salti in bocca alla romana. Most of...

A Birthday in Rome

There are some people who don’t enjoy celebrating birthdays, but certainly if they had the chance to celebrate in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, even skeptics would rise to the occasion and succumb to the temptation of planning the perfect birthday. Whether you’re a skeptic or someone who loves birthdays (like the author), here are some ideas for how to blow out the candles with great style throughout the streets of Rome. Our suggestions are listed follow your particular musical tastes.  Soul birthday Soul Kitchen – La cucina dell’anima With vintage furniture, a relaxed atmosphere, and quality food with original presentations, this place is ideal for an “all’italiana” aperitivo with friends, accompanied by good music. If you celebrate in the summer, you can also enjoy their large outdoor terrace. Dessert recommendation: cheesecake. Via dei Sabelli 193, 00185 Rome, Italy, Tel: +39 06 6487 1016 Anticafé On your birthday you are the center of attention, and while I wish the hours were endless, your special day only lasts 24 hours: make the most of them in a place where the most important thing is time. The Anticafé is a place where you pay for the hours spent and not what you consume. One hour is € 4; or € 14 for a full day. You can enjoy a comfortable time with the people you love most, while you enjoy the games, tapas, desserts and drinks included for free. Via Veio, 4/B, 00183 Rome, Italy, +39 06 7049 4442   Jazz Birthday Gregory Jazz Club Of course, jazz lovers would feel right at home in a small,...

The 2014 Rock in Roma (A top 10 Festival)

The 2014 Rock in Roma festival arrives with fully charged batteries and a star-filled line-up with that includes bands like Metallica, the recidivist David Guetta and Prodigy to set the scene. A line-up this good can be the perfect excuse to visit Rome, whether you already know the call Eternal City or if you’ve not yet visited. Take note, the dates are from 3 June to 26 July. This “global” festival is held every year somewhere in the world with artists of various stripes and periods. For example, Rock in Rio Madrid (held in the town of Arganda del Rey) brought back the 70s when The Police took the stage, as the British band reunited exclusively for the occasion. It was a success. The appearance of Metallica is not quite the same (since the band is still together), but we’re still excited to see a band that has been a leader since the 80s and keeps on rockin’ on. Of course, they play to accommodate the conditions. To name but one example, their concert last year in Antarctica, for the privileged few, was done with headphones to avoid damaging the glaciers with the vibration of the amplifiers. Awesome, right? Well, now that Rome is playing host to the complete American band, their music will resound all the way to the Coliseum. Without headphones, Metallica promises to rock the Hippodrome (where Rock in Roma 2014 is celebrated), for veterans as well as new fans to their music. If you’re interested in joining them, don’t wait too long to buy tickets. Concerts are purchased separately, and tickets are between 35 and...

Lana del Rey in Concert in Rome

Lana Del Rey, the “Anti-Gaga” The success of Lana Del Rey was fairly predictable. She´s strikingly beautiful, with an air of a diva wounded by ill-fated love, alcohol and surgeries, and has a voice that swings from depths of darkness to lightweight neo pop rhythms. Lana herself dubbed the style “Hollywood Sadcore” which soon spread throughout the global village and, of course, all the social networks. She´s also known as the “Anti-Gaga”. Lana Del Rey seeks to move listeners before impact, creating feelings of love before desire. And since she´s very business savvy, this singer is here to stay. © blur95 From her pop music beginnings in Brooklyn and Manhattan, when she was still known as Lizzy Grant, the singer was able to demonstrate her talent for composing and performing her own songs as well as a unique look rooted in vintage film. In her first videos, Lizzy Grant is shown as a battered pop diva, who seems to have emerged out of a movie from the 50s with a heartbreaking voice interspersed with images of cars, cartoons and movies by Stanley Kubrick. This same aesthetic was used for the video for her hit song “Video Games” from the hit album “Born to Die”. Additional hits like “Blue Jeans”, “Born to Die” and “National Anthem” followed. A retouched image? Many questioned whether Lana´s alleged plastic surgeries, the excessive botox on the lips, and her too perfect nose were somewhat synthetic. However, the retouched image of the star, with a tattoo on his right hand that reads “TRUST NO ONE”, allows her to present herself as the accumulation of all the...

Rome with Children: Visit the Bioparco

When traveling with family, one must choose plans that can amuse and entertain the little ones as well. And although Rome is famous for its historical attractions and the beauty of its art, the city also offers interesting activities for children.   One of the places you should definitely visit is the Bioparco, which children usually enjoy the most. It is one of the first zoos in the world to allow its guests to meet the animals while they are educated and made more aware about the importance of conserving flora and fauna.   From its location within the glorious Villa Borghese, which was opened in 1911 as a place of entertainment for the Romans, you will be able to admire rare and exotic animals. Despite its initial success, it deteriorated over the years and was restructured several times as a result. The idea of converting it into a bio park emerged in 1994, and the project was based on the principles of the Gilman charitable foundation.   It currently has more than 1,000 animals of some 200 species, including some endangered species: Dendrobates, geckos, Egyptian turtles, mangabeys, Madagascarboas, crocodiles, lions, leopards, elephants and seals are just some of the many animals that will surprise your little ones. The most recent additions to the family are an Asiatic lion named Asoka, Pipa (a hippo) and three meerkats.   Animals are not the only attractions of the garden. There’s also the magnificent botanical collection (with mainly Mediterranean species) that enchants visitors with its beauty and exoticism.   The Bioparco also organizes many activities for children and families that will make...

Rome Marathon

Rome Marathon is one of the most famous in the world because it has 26 miles with more than 200,000 euros in prizes.

Zoomarine Rome

Zoomarine in Rome is a unique water park where they do shows with dolphins. You can interact with the animals too.

Technotown Rome

Technotown is a museum for children from 8 to 17 years old, created with the aim to combine nature and technology in order to learn and have fun at the same time.

Explora Museum Rome

The Explora Museum is the first Italian museum created especially for children. It´s located close to the Pizza del Popolo, and it´s for children between the

RomaEuropa Festival Rome

A must-go event with contemporary art, dance, architecture and other forms of art in Rome in mid-October.