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A Birthday in Rome

There are some people who don’t enjoy celebrating birthdays, but certainly if they had the chance to celebrate in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, even skeptics would rise to the occasion and succumb to the temptation of planning the perfect birthday. Whether you’re a skeptic or someone who loves birthdays (like the author), here are some ideas for how to blow out the candles with great style throughout the streets of Rome. Our suggestions are listed follow your particular musical tastes.

 Soul birthday

With vintage furniture, a relaxed atmosphere, and quality food with original presentations, this place is ideal for an “all’italiana” aperitivo with friends, accompanied by good music. If you celebrate in the summer, you can also enjoy their large outdoor terrace. Dessert recommendation: cheesecake.

Via dei Sabelli 193, 00185 Rome, Italy, Tel: +39 06 6487 1016


On your birthday you are the center of attention, and while I wish the hours were endless, your special day only lasts 24 hours: make the most of them in a place where the most important thing is time. The Anticafé is a place where you pay for the hours spent and not what you consume. One hour is € 4; or € 14 for a full day. You can enjoy a comfortable time with the people you love most, while you enjoy the games, tapas, desserts and drinks included for free.

Via Veio, 4/B, 00183 Rome, Italy, +39 06 7049 4442



Jazz Birthday

Of course, jazz lovers would feel right at home in a small, dark venue in Harlem while musical virtuosos jam together and improvise seamlessly. What better way is there to celebrate one’s birthday?! Well, the Gregory Jazz Club is one of the places capable making this dream come true. The only thing missing is a cloud of cigarette smoke, but there’s certainly no lack of atmosphere, good wine, and jazz music. Not bad for a birthday, right?

Via Gregoriana 54/a Rome


Imagine being able to admire the beauty of Rome from the window of a train. Now, imagine that the train is also ristorante. And now add musicians playing good jazz and a group of people who are moved to dancing. It might seem like a scene from a dream or movie, but it actually happens in TramJazz. Complete the scene with your friends and a toast in your honor and you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable birthday. One tip: Think carefully about the number of friends you invite (the ticket is a bit expensive).


Rock Birthday

The Circolo degli Artisti in Rome is a memorable place. There’s no shortage of concerts and thoughtful events in this rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere. In summer, their outdoor garden is also open. This is a great plan if you love Italian avant-garde music and you want to celebrate to music ranging from rock, indie and electro to pop.

Via Casilina Vecchia 42, Rome


Feel like a true millionaire rock star, dining aboard the plane with the band. Although you won’t actually be in the air, you will be in a plane. That’s what you’ll find in Ristoaereo.

Via Trincea delle Frasche 90, 00100 Fiumicino, Italy


Blues Birthday

When people talk about blues in Rome, they’re talking about Big Mama. Thirty years of music and names like Lee Konitz, Scott Henderson and YellowJackets are among the live acts seen here. If you love beer and blue notes, Big Mama is the perfect venue to toast the year ahead.

Vicolo San Francesco a Ripa 18 – 00153 Rome, Italy, Tel. +39 065 812 551.bigmamma


Directness and sincerity are expected in Cencio La Parolaccia, but good manners can be left behind. For a birthday that’s a little out of tune, allow yourself nonstop “all’italiana” insults and good Roman food. Hint: leave more susceptible friends at home.

Vicolo Del Cinque, 3, 00153 Rome, Italy


Pop Birthday

The protective cape they give you at the entrance will hide the outfit you so carefully picked out to celebrate your birthday, but you’ll feel a little bit like Lady Gaga and Elsa from Frozen at the same time. Once inside the Ice Club, you’ll meet a world of ice: subzero temperatures, atmospheric lighting and quality vodka (with a large selection to choose from). Everything is made of ice, even the vessels from which you will enjoy your drinks!

Via Della Madonna Dei Monti 18/19, Rome


Is there anything more pleasant than enjoying a tasty antipasto, pizza, and drink at a local venue with good decor and atmosphere? Would this be your preferred way to spend the night of your birthday? La Moderna is a cozy and quiet spot where you can share laughs among friends and collect Instagram photos for your profile. One more thing: they also have a big screen where you can project what you like best!

Via Galvani 89, 00153 – Rome