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A Day in Valencia

If you are planning a holiday in Valencia, read our tips for living a day like a true local.

Battle of the Flowers in Valencia

Summer brings out the best in us. Our skin gets tanned, we wear vibrant colors, we look better and we emanate a different energy too. And it appears to be that the same is true for cities, saving their best festivities and celebrations for this time of the year. There are festivities of all types and for all tastes, but I have fallen for this particularl one: Valencia’s Battle of the Flowers. And the name says it all. There is no justification for war anywhere, but if only all wars were like this one… Imagine red carnations raining throughout the city to the rhythm of majestic carriages, elegant horses and festive music. A spectacle worth beholding, there is no doubt about that. Those who’ve already experienced it will know that it’s best to arm yourselves with tennis racquets or similar, to use them as shields as you watch thousands of flowers fly across the Valencian sky. Those in the carriages, dressed in traditional costume emulating the bourgeoisie of the late 19th century also carry racquets that they decorate for the occasion. It’s worth staying till the very end to see the city fully covered in a multicolored blanket of flowers. The Battle of the Flowers of Paseo de la Alameda began in 1891, and it takes place every last Sunday in July, to mark the end of Valencia’s Feria de Julio, which has been celebrated every single year since 1871. A summer festival full of activities and free events, among which we can highlight impressive firework displays and concerts of well-known artists. And all that with a side serving of...

The Barrio del Carmen

Considered in Madrid, Chueca and Triball area, or Barcelona, the El Born district, the Barrio del Carmen is the new hipster and trendy area of Valencia. Shops, bakeries specializing in Valencian products, fashion and design shops, Wood oven bakeries , crafts , a variety of restaurants, neighborhood bars, theaters, nightclubs and much younger and cultural environment in the Old City of Valencia, where you can eat tapas, havea drink, buy art or just stroll through the capital. Photo: GJFamily Located in the historic center, it has has cobbled streets, hidden corners and good decoration, the Muslim wall adorns the Barrio del Carmen. An attractive place with lots of history for an afternoon of the weekend. The trend It has become the most popular tourism area in Valencia, have a web page that tells you about accommodation, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, services offered and neighborhood news. A small map tells you exactly where each store is located, and each section has subsections for example if you want to eat at a  vegetarian or go to a lawyer, they even have a small section of tourism with daily or weekly news from the neighborhood. A calendar reports the activities performed in the Barrio del Carmen, to keep you up to date with everything happening. They also provide a space for businesses to advertise on the website. Two walls encircle the Barrio del Carmen, the eleventh-century Muslim and Christian of the fourteenth century. Since its origins was a neighborhood merchant, divided into two areas, the textile district locksmiths and blacksmiths, and outer district, that of the suburbs, where were orchards, dyers, tanners, cobblers and...

Tomas March Valencia

The Tomás March Gallery is one of the most important ones in Valencia, with a strong presence of everything related to contemporary art.

Galería Puchol Valencia

Galería Puchol has been exhibiting art since 1973 with its permanent and temporary exhibitions. You can book an appointment for a visit too.

EuroSol Motos Valencia

EuroSol Motos is a motorbike rental company where you can get different vehicles at affordable prices.

Escola Municipal Vela Valencia

The City Sailing School in Valencia brings up future sailing racers. They also carry out activities for amateurs.

Valencia History Tour

Valencia History Tour is a historical walk. The guide is Jerónimo Valeriola, who will reveal all the secrets of this city.

Mi Guía Valencia

Mi Guía Valencia is a tourism company which will take you to the most beautiful and interesting places of this Spanish city.

En Taxi Valencia

At Taxi Valencia they offer you transport to or from the airport without any surprises with the fare.