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En Taxi Valencia

One of the issues which accumulates more claims from demanding travellers are the fares of the transports to and from the airport. For that reason, every day we have more companies of car rental or taxis which opt for transparency.


This is the case of En Taxi Valencia (here are all the details so that you take them into account for your next trip), whose webpage breaks up exhaustively the prices, fares and rates of the different routes that they run.


So, travellers, now you know that there´s something else to book as well as your flights, the tickets to the museums or apartments in Valencia your private taxi service with no surprises.


You can do it all online, comfortably from home, and if you have any doubt, the company will reply to your e-mails immediately (I can personally vouch for it), even on holidays and sundays.


You can also get in touch with them not only to agree the route to Manises Airport or to the Port of Valencia, but also for escapades to different close destinations (such as Alcoy) and even further ones, such as Zaragoza. We´ll wait for you here behind the screen for your thoughts on your trip. You can write them in the comments box.