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5 alternative places to visit in Riga

It is always nice to find local places that aren’t focused on tourism in the holiday destinations where we go. Those are the places that remain in memory and are recalled immediately when we think of our travel experience. If you plan on traveling to Riga, here are some alternative places off the tourist route that will certainly remain engraved in our memory every time we hear or see something related to Riga.

riga alternativo


1 Pulkvedis

Riga is a city that has a well-deserved reputation as a great place to party. Being a popular destination for party animals, all year round, there are many groups of tourists and stag parties who gather in the largest nightclubs in the city. If you want to find a place that locals frequent in the city, go to Pulkvedim Neviens neraksta (Peldu iela 26-28), better known as Pulkvedis, which means “no one writes to the colonel” . This is where the most bohemian and alternative locals gather to celebrate. Here you’ll have the chance to enjoy varied music on its two floors, like rock. Hip-hop and electronic, surely you’ll find what you’re looking for. Also, the decor and ambiance of the place is great and certainly you’ll want to visit this place twice.

2 Central Market

If you want to shop at a really typical and authentic place, the Central Market is perfect for you. Here you can buy the freshest food in the city at very low prices, as well as to observe firsthand how is the local’s day to day. Moreover, the market is located in the Russian quarter of Riga, Maskavas Forstate, popularly known as Maskačka, a district where time seems to stand still in the Latvia communist era. Around the market there are small bars and restaurants where you can eat traditional Latvian food at very low prices, as you will find very few tourists around here.

3 Berga Bazaars

Berga Bazaars is one of the places that will make you fall in love with Riga. It is quiet, calm, no cars or noise. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a romantic walk with your travel companions. The Bazaars Hosts many local and regional markets, specialized in the food from the countryside around Riga. Unlike the Central Market, the foods purchased here are specialties and there are also stalls selling items that are perfect as souvenirs. Berga Bazars is a place to enjoy peace and tranquility.

4 Piens Club

If you want a bar with youthful environment and nice people, you want to stop by Piens Club (A. Briana 9). Although it is called club, it isn’t just a club since during the day is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee. There you’ll be able to spend great moments with your friends. You can also get food served at a great price, and if the weather is good, enjoy a meal on the terraces. Piens also organizes various events like concerts, art exhibitions or projections. It also has Wi-Fi, which is ideal if you want to stay connected, while relaxing.

5 Muhamors and Marcipans

Finally, if you want to buy something traditional from Riga to take home, go to Muhamors and Marcipans (Baznīcas iela 14), a shop in a wooden house that sells all kinds of crafts, jewelry, postcards, stationery and cosmetics, all handmade. It is also a small cafe and bookstore. This is one of those places where you could spend the whole day.