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We are adding a new billing model

Only-apartments is constantly growing and forming more collaborations with external partners, to ensure your apartments have the best visibility possible in the market, and therefore receive more bookings.

From this week forward we are introducing a new model of billing, in addition to the existing model applied to all bookings made through Only-apartments.

This new model is applied to all owners that have selected the payment option that includes 100% of the payment in advance, i.e in all cases where the payment is fully managed by Only-apartments.

The Instant booking system does not change. As the bookings you receive are already confirmed, the only change will be in the invoicing system: instead of having to bill the guest, you will bill Only-apartments for bookings that come from external partners.

Do I have to create an invoice?

You will not have to create an invoice, we will send it automatically with the confirmations of the bookings that come from external partners, and this will be marked by the logo of our B2B brand, Migoa.

In which cases is the new billing method applied?

This new model applies only and exclusively to reservations that come through external partners. If the reservations are made through our external partners your invoice is to Only-Apartments (you will not have to create an invoice, we will send it to you automatically)

How do I distinguish between a reservation made through only-apartments or its external partners?

Through the confirmation email of the reservation. For all reservations that come from external parties, the confirmation email will have the logo of our B2B Migoa brand. (See example)

What amount will be billed?

 The amount of the invoice corresponds to the total of the payment that you will receive. All the extra costs that the customer pays on arrival will have to be billed to the client and not to Only-apartments.

Is there also a change for the reservations that come from Only-Apartments?

No. For all the other reservations that come through our Only-apartments portal, the system functions as it has been until now, where you will invoice the client directly.

The payment conditions will be the same as you indicated on your profile.

This change is also reflected in the partnership agreement with Only-apartments, and can be consulted through the following link.

If you have any doubts or concerns contact us by email at: property@only-apartments.com

Our account management team will be happy to assist you.