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5 Tips to Avoid Excess Baggage

Excess baggage can ruin a trip from the moment you set foot on the airport to the time you get back home. Play it safe. There’s no reason to risk it and end up paying more. Don’t let a few extra pounds become an obstacle in your journey. For the perfect trip, you’d ideally be carrying only what is strictly necessary: fresh clothing for each of the days of your stay, a toiletry bag, and little more. If you stick to the following tips, traveling will be a lot simpler and comfortable for all those involved.

exceso de equipaje

1. Use aps to check the weather at your destination: A three month trip to the Juan Carlos I Antarctic Base is not quite the same as a weekend in Rome in July. Choose the right clothing for each destination and don’t fall into “and what if…” pitfalls. If you need anything else, you’ll almost always be able to buy it wherever you go.

2. Be well informed regarding baggage weight limits: That link you tend to ignore includes all the info regarding the right weight and size of cabin luggage, and the number of items that can be checked in. If checking in luggage, take into account that it is often cheaper to pay for it online than at the airline’s check in counter, where it is often penalized. If you’ve still not bought a suitcase, choose one made with light materials, and check that it complies with the airline’s size restrictions. Low cost carriers often enforce stricter regulations than regional airlines. Don’t just assume it will be allowed. Even if they often overlook it, they might make you check in your bag on that special trip you were really looking forward to, with the added cost it entails.

3. On the plane, wear those clothing items that take up the most space: Wear your bulkiest shoes or boots, or the largest coat while on the plane, and that way you’ll free up some space in your suitcase. It’s not about layering up like an onion, or dressing as if you’d contracted measles, but cabin temperature tends to be on the low side anyway. It will help you keep warm and save you space at the same time.

4. Check the weight at home: Weigh your suitcase using a special luggage scale, especially when it comes to carry-on luggage, which airlines tend to be stricter about. It’s also okay if you don’t have one. Weigh your suitcase directly on your bathroom scale. And if it is one of those modern scales, just weigh yourself with and without the suitcase, and the difference between the two values will obviously be equivalent to the weight of your luggage.

5. Save up weight in your toiletry bag: Ideally, have one ready at home including small bottles, band aids, your medicines, etc. Remember that the volume of containers with liquids needs to be below 100ml for it to be allowed to be carried in the cabin. Most grocery stores sell refillable bottles that meet those requirements.

And don’t worry about it. Keep in mind that you’ll find shops everywhere you go. Don’t turn each trip into a full-blown house move. Forgetting something is no biggie, as any shop will be delighted to sell you whatever you left at home. And one last thing: check whether you have access to a washing machine or laundry service at the apartment, as that may just be the key to avoiding excess baggage.

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