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Agua y Vida Valencia

The first urban spas (from the Latin words ´salutem per aqua´) were born in Paris from the hand of some luxury cosmetic brands.


Those pioneering centres were reserved for a privileged few with deep pockets but, soon, the magnificent idea expanded around the Western world.


In modern urban spas they combine the resources of traditional spas (the ones which are on or next to a healthy thermal fountain), Oriental hammams, beauty centres and even gyms which are specialized in yoga an pilates.


Although the first ones (from the end of the 90s and this one that we´re highlighting today, Agua y Vida in Valencia, from 2004) were considered something totally exotic and, at a stretch, a frivolous entertainment, when a small part of the population began to experiment its beneficial effects, they naturally began to spread around  the urban landscape.


Our advice to the traveller is simple (and makes us a bit jealous): leave your luggage in one of the excellent apartments in Valencia that you´ve managed to book and, to regain strength, book, for example, the circuit Agua y Vida VIP, which includes a thermal circuit, a massage and a natural orange juice on thermic beds.