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Exploring the Algarve Coast

Located on the south of the Iberian Peninsula, the Algarve coast is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for folks all around the world. Thousands of holidaymakers come every year to enjoy the second to none rock formations and unsurpassed beaches that can only be found on this Portuguese coast.


Let’s start our journey around this exciting coast on the East, where we’ll find a beautiful landscape full of dunes, white sand and mudflats in a lagoon called Ria Formosa. Nature lovers heading to the unsurpassed Culatra Island should take a boat in Ria Formosa to get to this stunning fishing island. Culatra is one of the best kept secrets of the Algarve coast, as it is a much less touristy place that offers unique landscapes, as well as amazing places you won’t see in any TV commercial. Here you’ll have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear freshwater rivers and delight yourself with the ecstasy of being in the paradise.

Following our tour, let’s continue on the East part of Algarve to the beautiful port city of Tavira, which is also known as Little Venice, thanks to the beautiful landscape formed by patrician houses along the water. In Tavira we will find the famous Tower of Tavira, which is a former water tower located right next to St. Mary´s Church. Tower Tavira hosts the famous Camera Obscura (built over 100 years ago), which by a clever use of a rotating and magnifying mirror projects virtual “tours” of Tavira  on a large horizontal screen.  This is the perfect place to enjoy sightseeing of the whole Island in a matter of minutes and without even moving. If you are coming to Tavira with children, you must visit the fortress and the 32 churches from the Moorish era, you´ll see how your children get excited with the wonders of that era.

For folks who are into Golf the Algarve coast is simply their best holiday destination in Europe. In this area you’ll find around 40 golf courses that offer the needed conditions for the enjoyment of this sport, while witnessing breathtaking landscapes. Around the golf courses, you’ll find dream houses owned by celebrities like the former footballer Luís Figo, which is one of the reasons why real estate prices here are the most expensive in Portugal.

The Algarve coast stretches for almost 200 km, which include the most southwest point of Western Europe. From this point you’ll only find the Atlantic Ocean on the west, which head to America. Don’t miss your chance to visit the Lighthouse and the spectacular Costa Vincentian, where you’ll see how the absence of hotels and tourists will make you feel like on a wonderful desert island. Since ancient times all maritime traffic between the Mediterranean and northern Europe has been going through Cape St. Vincent.

Whether you come with your couple, your entire family or friends, you won’t find a better holiday destination than the south coast of Portugal.

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