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Aloha Wave Lounge Prague

Aloha Wave Lounge is a bar in Prague that has a great vibe and, for that reason, it´s one of the busiest places for those who are looking for a relaxed atmosphere among friends. It´s a diverse place where you can go for a drink, eat or even enjoy good music and dance if you stay there after midnight.


Aloha Wave Lounge, as its name indicates, is a bar where the theme is Hawaiian, but from the 30s until the 60s. This means that the design of the place is, above all, based on wood, low lights and it all creates a relaxed and spectacular atmosphere to enjoy a nice evening. The cocktails are another reason for which you should drop by this place because they offer a wide range of exquisite exotic drinks.


Every so often, above all on weekends, the clients of the place will encounter bands, DJs and the chance to dance or enjoy a beer at the bar.


If you want to visit Aloha Wave Lounge you can rent apartments in Prague and, also, enjoy one of the world´s most beautiful cities.