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A.W.S. Bici In Milan

If you´ve had the chance to get to know Milan, you already know that the city is totally chaotic, especially the traffic, where you can only advance a few yards in a few hours, and getting to your destination seems impossible. It gives us the feeling that we´re going through a desert without borders. Also, the contamination… why contribute to all of this? Let´s choose something different, let´s get around by bicycle! Let´s leave the car keys in our apartments in Milan and rent a bicycle to ride with the win in our hair. A.W.S. Bici is a company which is located in a centric location in Milan, it´s easy to get to and it offers plenty of solutions for all tastes, from mountain bikes to riding bikes, as well as tandems for those who are willing to try something different. The prices range from 10 to 15 euros per day according to the chosen bicycle, and you have to leave a deposit of 100 euros (which will be returned when you take the bicycle back). You can rent your bicycle from Monday to Saturday from 9am until 1pm, and from 3pm until 7pm. Don´t miss out on this chance! You´ll see how the city, on a bicycle, narrows its dimensions and it becomes more pleasant.