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Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hammam in Istanbul

Istanbul is a truly amazing city. It´s not the Turkish capital and yet it´s its biggest city. Turkey is a bridge country, a nexus between two cultures and the city of Istanbul is the exact spot where this connection between Europe and Asia exposes itself most clearly. It´s the third most populated city in Europe and it guards the beauty and mystery that it has held for so many years throughout history, since Istanbul was the ancient city of Constantinople. If we go on holiday to Istanbul, we will have never-ending walks to see museums and incredible places: the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya Camii), the Mosaic Museum, the Grand Bazaar, etc.


However, one of the most exceptional places in Istanbul is the Turkish bath known as Ayasofya Hurren Sultan Hammam. We´re talking about unique baths in the world of incomparable beauty that we can find between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

The Turkish baths in Istanbul stopped being used from 1910 onwards. In fact, they were used as prisons and also warehouses for different materials such as paper or gasoline. However, between 1957 and 1958, an important restoration of these was carried out but it wasn´t until 2008 when a large-scale restoration took place to bring back the splendor of the sultan era to them so that the public could enjoy them. One of the most important aspects of the renovation was that now they weren´t separated by gender. This means that they are all under the same roof and it´s a huge change that has not also been adapted for tourists but has also been an architectonical revolution.

The biggest value that the Ayasofya baths have is obviously an architectonical one. They have three differentiated areas: a cold area, a hot area and a warm area. The wellness of this ritual will go through different parts of our body, but it will be our senses that will be overwhelmed with the beauty of the walls and their different lightings.

Mimar Sinan, during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, was the one in charge of designing these 75-metre long baths. The marbles that were used for the restoration came from Marmara and 1300 sq metres of this material were needed. The dome of the cold area is 85 ft tall.

In these baths we can also enjoy the best ointments for our body, such as the natural soaps made with 100% olive oil in Edremit.

These types of baths have an important cultural factor. They have been used and have evolved since the Roman era and their main aim is to generate a feeling of inner peace, tranquillity and transmit pleasant sensations.

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Don´t miss out on this essential part of the history of Istanbul!

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