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Barcelona with children

Few cities in the world (perhaps Paris or New York) are as suitable for traveling with children of any age as Barcelona. Its rich artistic heritage from the nineteenth century normally amuses adults and children equally, with its colorful labyrinths and amazing architecture. Take a stroll down las Ramblas and its living sculptures, flower stalls and the animals on the sea direction will please kids and adults. But Barcelona is much more than that.

barcelona children

Parks in Barcelona

Designed by one of the most universal Catalan artists, the same who designed the Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi’s  Park Güell, will charm you with its distinctive organic, colorful tiles, its views of the city, its stairways, porches is a must see for all travelers, whether accompanied by family, honeymoon or alone.

But this is not the only park in the city, although it is the most spectacular from the artistic point of view. In the old part of the city, there is the Ciudadela Park, open to the public during the late nineteenth century and designed in the style of the Europeans who that time, began to proliferate like mushrooms. In its more than 17,000 m2 of land, which contains beautiful modernist squares, trails, exotic plant species and the Barcelona Zoo, known mainly for having been the residence of Snowflake (Copito de nieve) and, to date, with a busy schedule activity and circuits.

The Labyrinth Park of Horta, recreates a French garden with clipped boxwood paths, classical sculptures, and the Botanical Garden of Barcelona, designed for people’s research and education support, complete the four most unique and important in places of greenery.

Amusement Parks in Barcelona

Although in these locations, fun is guaranteed, Barcelona has more places for recreation and family entertainment. We have already mentioned the zoo, but we can’t lose sight of the many attractions of Tibidabo, with its photogenic giant wheel ferry on the hill of the same name and connected to the center by a funicular. It is one of the oldest in its kind. Barcelona, in this sense has been pretty gifted.

The Spanish Village or “Poble Espanyol” will celebrate soon its 100th anniversary, but that does not mean they do not have activities designed for modern families. You should visit their website where you can find a full program of activities that includes craft workshops, puppet theater, parades, clowns shows, competitions, etc.. And do not forget the theme park recreating the typical buildings from different regions of Spain, which make up this charming location.

Barcelona Aquarium (which includes sharks) of all the seas, the Museum of Barcelona Football Club, the various theaters, some in three dimensions, with family releases and even children´s programming as a sophisticated and intellectual as the Gran Teatro del Liceo, complete this fun experience in Barcelona. https://only-apartments.es/guia/category/barcelona/viaje-ninos-barcelona/


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