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Beijing Arts Festival 2013

The Beijing Arts Festival 2013 can be enjoyed from the 28th of April until the 29th of May.

This festival brings a programme of theatre, dance and music that will last for a whole month to the Chinese capital. The Chinese and international performances will take place indoors and outdoors, including at the famous National Theatre and in the Hall of the Forbidden City.

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This meeting in Beijing is a meeting of art on a national level supervised by the Ministry for Culture, the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television and the Beijing Local Council, carried out by China Arts and Entertainment Group and the Beijing Local Culture Office.

The festival´s aim is to promote international cultural exchanges through the presentation of Chinese culture.

In the year 2000, to welcome the new millennium, the first meeting of the Beijing Arts Festival was created and it obtained international recognition. Since then, as a bridge that unites Beijing with the rest of the world, the annual meeting of the Beijing Arts Festival has kept on running for eleven years and has reached huge social relevance. With considerable experience, this festival has established itself as an international festival of integral arts and one of the biggest spring festivals in Asia, respected by Chinese and international art communities.

A large variety of activities are part of the festival, including theatre in the open air, art exhibitions, charity events and specialised seminars that are divided into different categories, sometimes organised by guest countries, and also dedicated to specific subjects. In the last decade, more than 1000 companies and 30,000 artists from 110 countries and regions have performed at the festival, including Bolshoi, Marlinsky, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Royal Shakespeare Company and Plácido Domingo among others. Recently, the Beijing Arts Festival was exploring new frontiers and changed its focus, inviting original and independent productions that reverberated around Chinese modern life. The cultural diversity is shown at this festival with a combination of its legacy and the innovation of exchange and cooperation, as well as a mix of harmony, unity and peace.

With the fast socio-economic development in China, Beijing has become an important stage for international politics, economy and culture. As an show of cultural diversity, this festival is an invitation diffused by the Chinese people to the world. It is an event created by and for people of peace, love and art, where humanity shows itself, hearts and souls link together and beauty takes centre stage.

Beijing is the capital of the People´s Republic of China and one of the most populated cities in the world, being the second most populated one in China behind Shanghai. It is also the political, cultural and educational centre of the country as well as being the headquarters of the most part of Chinese state companies. In terms of transport, it is a strategic point of national roads, motorways, high-speed trains and railway network. Beijing International Airport is the second busiest in the world in terms of passenger numbers.

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