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Black Sabbath in Vienna

June is definitely one of the best months in Vienna. During the early summer, when the entire city is naturally adorned with its best outfit, when theaters, auditoriums, squares and concert halls are packed with festivals (the Festwochen and the Vienna Jazz Festival, of which we have been talking in this blog are undeniable references), when this capital has left behind the rigors of winter … that´s when the concert season starts too. Music of all kinds, from Indie Pop to Blues, from rock to heavy metal, from folk to classical performers … coming from all corners of the globe spreading their sound around the corners of Vienna. The offer becomes so saturated that is even hard to keep track of the music news, but that´s why we´re here.

black <b>sabbath</b> vienna

The veteran and changing group of heavy metal, Black Sabbath will perform a concert on the 26th of June at 8 pm at the Stadthalle in Vienna. This concert is part of their International tour (coming from Prague and heading to Milan). Ticket’s price is only 130 Euros and can be purchased, like everything else in the world, through the Internet. Here is the URL http://www.vienna-concert.com/Vienna-Concerts-Events_268_en.html The concert tour is titled “Ozzi & Friends”, probably not to confuse their fans about the members of the new band, which since it was founded, more than forty years ago in the legendary 1968, has had so many changes regarding its members. Although Ozzi Osborne (vocal) was one of the founders, he was separated for some years. During these successive gaps, came and went a few others and it seemed that the group did not quite fit together. Ozzi returned in 1997 and during this time, he seems to have managed to unite it a team as rebel that can not reach agreement among themselves.

The only one who has survived so much coming and going has been the guitarist, Tony Iommi, who along with Ozzi, Gezzer Butler (on bass) and the new drummer  Tommy Clufetos, formed the new Black Sabbath, which is currently in an international tour. Apart of multiple issues regarding copyrights and the use of the name (between the occult and the demonic) have garnered gold records, platinum-selling and top the bestseller lists. This is what has to be pioneers of this type of hard rock that has been called heavy metal, which is not only followed by its faithful stalwarts, but they are also the reference for those who come behind.

In the video below “Iron Man” soundtrack of the movie of the same name, one of their best known singles along with “Paranoid”, which marked, as the  “Rolling Stone” magazine, a turning point in previous and contemporary pop.


You can hear this album in your apartments in Vienna although not to high to disturb your neighbors. Enjoy the concert!