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Budapest, the spa paradise of Europe

Budapest was already given the official title of “Spa City” in 1934. And that for good reasons, because the Hungarian capital offers you uncountable thermal and curative waters and springs. So relaxation will be absolutely guaranteed. The spa paradise invites you to disconnect from your stressful everyday life and dedicate yourself to your health, body and soul. Budapest is as well a perfect health resort due to the huge concentration of minerals in the water and its curative powers. The thermal and curative baths already exist for a long time, but only in the 20th century they discovered the positive consequences regarding to the treatment of specific diseases.


You may think that Budapest is only a perfect destination for pensioners or people with health problems, but that isn´t true. Uncountable organizers offers you frequently water parties which will impress you without any doubt. Have you heard something about the “Cinetrip” or “Magic Bath”? These are spectacular water parties where hundreds of party people get crazy dancing and partying in the middle of the water. Gogos, laser shows, theme parties…sounds hot, doesn´t it?

A lot of the baths are not mixed, but the most of them are open for men and women at the same time.

One of the famous bathes in Budapest is undoubtedly the Gellért Spa (District 4. Kelenhegyi Street, 4). A very special atmosphere is waiting for you there: impressive marble columns, colourful mosaics, statues, stained glass windows, modern decoration and 9 therapeutic pools will make you feel like in paradise. In addition, a thermal water pool, a children’s pool and a whirlpool will guarantee you 100% of relaxation. Investigations have shown that since medieval times they use the medicinal waters of Gellért Hill. It´s very healthy for the skin and body, because the water contains a lot of magnesium, calcium and other important sulphates. Nowadays, the Gellért Spa, which was opened in 1918, is one of the most important and famous spa of Europe.

The Széchenyi-Spa (District 14. Állatkerti Avenue, 11) is one of the biggest spas in Europe and offers you 15 different pools. Three of them are large outdoor pools. Furthermore, you´ll enjoy some Turkish baths, massages, saunas, diving pools, etc.. In the outdoor pool you can´t only relax with warm and hot water temperatures, but as well dispute some chess matches. This attraction is very popular among the Hungarian population. The Széchenyi-Spa was opened in 1913 and forms an essential part of the world of bathes and spas in Hungary.

Discover the pearl of the Danube and its fantastic spas. The Hungrian capital stands for relaxation and well-being, do you want to try it?