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Cantor de Jazz

Many bars are famous for their parties, some others for the vibe that they get from the people there, others for the games that they offer their visitors and Cantor de Jazz, like its name indicates, is one of the most renown in the city of Málaga for having the best jazz music and the biggest cocktail range in the whole city.


The drinks that are offered at Cantor de Jazz are known for not being in no other bar in the city because they are, sometimes, creations of the very same barmen.


And because the options are so many and if you´re new to the place and don´t know what to ask for, you don´t have to worry because every night there is a house recommendation for clients.


The decoration is class and simple with small wooden tables and plenty of photographs on the walls of great jazz artists. The clientele usually is in their 30s and they go to enjoy good music and relax with friends.


If you like jazz there isn´t any other place that you have to visit in the Spanish city other than Cantor de Jazz. For that, you can rent apartments in Malaga and enjoy one of the best options.