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Channel Managers: Automatic Synchronization

At Only-apartments we offer the possibility of synchronizing your properties through a wide array of Channel Managers so that your apartment’s details are always automatically updated.


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Below, we detail the main features of the various Channel Managers through which integration with our website is possible.



AvaiBook is holiday rental management software consisting in a booking engine for your website.

Channel manager with the leading web portals, credit card payments manager, PMS, booking management tools. Specializing in holiday rental with small clients and medium-sized managers.


  • Comprehensive solution that allows for the automatization of daily tasks with total guarantee and in full safety.
  • Powerful Multicalendar management tool.
  • Integrates with the main holiday rental portals, so that its calendars and prices are automatically synchronized without any effort on your part.
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Company specializing in technological solutions for holiday rentals with over 14 years in the sector. Their goal is for their clients to grow, and they not only offer technological solutions and tech support, but they also advise you on your business.  


  • Powerful cloud-based management system with an unlimited number of users.
  • The possibility to activate your accommodation on web portals in one single click.
  • Booking confirmation, pre-boking, and cancellation vouchers for clients, etc.
  • Statistics and listings.
  • On-line booking system integrated on their website.
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With Availpro Smart Channel Manager, you can now manage all of your online distribution from a single planner. Administer your distribution websites, your GDS channel and your booking engines in real time. Save time and boost sales.


  • Smart Channel Manager: Manage your availability rooms and rates with a single planner
  • PMS/CRS connectivity Convert all your availability into bookings
  • GDS connectivity See your rooms directly through all travel agencies
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BookingSync is a holiday rental management system that includes a Centralized Booking System, Channel Manager, Website Builder, Open Developer API and others; designed to help owners and managers grow their business.


  • Helps the owner and/or manager generate bookings.
  • BookingSync API and App Center enables all companies in all markets (VR marketplaces, search engines, cleaning services, among others…) to build integrations and extend their functionalities.
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cloud hospitality

Software company combining high-level technological know-how with vast experience. Basing themselves on the concepts of Cloud Computing and Software as a Service, their software is easy to use, powerful and reliable, simplifying all sales and management tasks.

  • The possibility to update availability, prices and restrictions on multiple channels through a single screen.
  • Easy management of rate parity.
  • Rapid incorporation of new sales channels.
  • Reduced operational expenses: two-way connectivity.
  • A decrease in manual errors and increased quality of services.
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The Cubilis® is the perfect tool for online channel management of availability and rates on many booking channels. You can manage your bookingpartners via 1 central screen. In that way you save on administration (time = money), you avoid over-bookings and you increase your turnover!


  • you can check availability via one central screen (1 central management module) to operate different platforms
  • PMS connect”: You can connect to PMS (property management systems) the XML Channel Manager “Cubilis”
  • No over-bookings because all booking sites are automatically updated.
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Dispongo Cloud is a global booking system for booking centers. It is a mix between a unique webpage for your business, booking management software with integrated invoice and voucher generator, and an integrated booking engine that enables sales via XML.


  • Any pricing, no matter how complex, can be loaded on to Dispongo Cloud; if not, they modify it so that it can be loaded.
  • Distribution of seats/spaces, Roomings, reports.
  • Accounting integration: With Dispongo Cloud we can integrate any type of compatible accounting software or ERP.
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Hotetec Channel Manager is a platform conceived for simplifying and optimizing the work environment, with an intuitive and customizable design that adapts to the needs of each establishment. From a single environment, they integrate and connect your establishment to those operators with the largest volume of bookings, in order to optimize your online exposure and thus bring you more clients.


  • Connect to the most relevant market operators from a single platform.
  • Maximizes your income.
  • The possibility to integrate Hotetec on your PMS, with no need for two separate loads
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Touristic bookings management system for apartments, cottages and charming hotels. Reception of bookings and clients, administrative management, web contents and channel manager are all integrated. For increasing the number of bookings and working more comfortably with web portals in the tourism sector without the risk of overbooking.


  • Permanent synchronization of availability calendar, prices, and minimum stays, with automatic synchronization every 60 seconds.
  • The possibility of displaying multiple pricing.
  • The option to block specific channels on specific dates.
  • Reception of incoming bookings and integration into the calendar, synchronized with automatic activation of non-availability on all channels
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I-rent.net is a full online bookings system combining the three essential pillars for successful online rentals: an online bookings system, online marketing in various languages, online management of all practical issues and communications related to the accommodation. In addition, you can have i-rent.net create your own accessible and functional website.


  • Keeps all daily tasks well-organized and clear more quickly.
  • Extended information about the accommodation.
  • Automatic descriptions in 12 languages.
  • Flexible prices: per day, per week, or per month.
  • Real-time online bookings.
  • Sharing of calendars.
  • Booking form in a number of languages.
  • Real-time online availability calendar.
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Kigo is a powerful solution that provides VR administrators with all the necessary features for an all-in-one solution. Kigo maximizes revenue while organizing operations.


  • Saves time.
  • Controls and automatizes every aspect of the business.
  • Cleaning and maintenance calendars.
  • Automatic email templates.
  • Personalized reports.
  • Connections to over 35 large web portals.
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Myallocator puts great stock in being flexible, adaptable, and adding the human touch whenever possible. We value a smarter approach to channel management and are constantly searching for ways to improve our products and services.


  •  All the Channels You Need: setup rates and availability on all the channels (e.g. Booking, Expedia, HostelWorld) you wish to connect to with ease.
  • Integrated Updates in Real-Time, Myallocator pushes real-time updates to all of your channels so you are in sync!
  • Central Reservations, Sit back and relax as myallocator sends reservation information from each channel back to you
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Net2rent is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for your full comfort: a user-friendly and intuitive management system, an integrated Channel Manager where you can share the details of all your properties online in the main distribution channels, and keep that information updated at all times.


  • Pre-boking and booking management.
  • Synchronization of availability on all the main web portals.
  • Payments to owners and individualized access for each owner.
  • Automatic generation of invoices and accounting for suppliers’ invoices.
  • Promotions and discounts per property, per day, per season.
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Our cloud based channel manager brings all the online distribution channels in a single point of control effortlessly. With channel manager there is no need for manual updates anymore. It offers automated, real time updates on availability, prices and invoices.


  • Just one dashboard to monitor every channel’s status, performance and incomes.
  • Just one calendar to manage all reservations, smart and user-friendly
  • Fully integrated with the main PMSs
  • The possibility to connect with more than 110 OTAs
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Parity Rate Distribution Manager 2.0 updates web portals via an XML connection and automatically manages prices and availability on online sales channels, saving you time and preventing overbookings.


  • The possibility of increasing the number of web portals, thus increasing your online visibility.
  • Parity Rate Distribution Manager 2.0 enables you to update prices and availability online at the same time, saving you a lot of time.
  • The possibility of setting your own sales rules through the Revenue Management System RMS.
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Quickly and efficiently manage room rates, availability and restrictions across all connected internet distribution sites. Monitor your channel performance and booking productivity by employing the best online sales partners to maximize your revenue potential.


  • Quick Update  Change rates & availability, across selected days / room types/ websites instantly with your pre-set configuration
  • Real-time Update Real-time Availability, Rate & Inventory (ARI), updates across channels from a single user interface
  • Avoid Overbookings, Close out and open availability across all websites with one click
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rentals united






Rentals United is a channel manager for vacation rentals. The cloud-based software distributes availability, pricing, property information and photos in real-time onto 40 channels, both niche and large.


  • Get your properties in front of 6+ million travellers daily
  • Get more bookings with new international channels, both niche and mainstream.
  • Automate your marketing: Manage and distribute your rates, availability & property data in real-time
  • Remove the risk of overbooking
  • Rank higher on sales channels by working with Rentals United.
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SiteMinder’s software includes the SiteMinder Channel Manager web application, the Booking Button web application, technical support service, connectivity APIs, and any related auxiliary services provided to it, including all software, data, texts, images, sounds, videos and any other content provided by SiteMinder.


  • Global scope/ Continuous channel management with over 250 bidirectional connections to OTAs and GDSs worldwide to expand their reach.
  • Immediate integration with the main technological platforms worldwide.
  • CRS. RMS.
  • Direct booking on their website, on mobile devices, and on social media.
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Turirent Channel automatizes the publishing of any properties registered on Turisoft products on holiday rental web portals. Turirent automatically offers web portals: pictures, descriptions, features, prices and the availability status of your properties.


  • Independent connection per channel.
  • Synchronizes availability with over 40 agencies through iCal.
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By using the VRBookings Channel Manager, you will allow your property to be constantly updated on the main portals!

The VRBookings Channel Manager has been designed to help in this job, providing connection to the main portals dedicated to vacation rentals, and allowing you to synchronize in real time your actions with the portals managing the 90% of the bookings in the world.


  • VRBookings Calendar grants you a total control over availabilities of your properties.
  • The VRBookings Reservation Management system allows you to get control of all aspects of the reservation process for your properties.
  • Calendar always updated on all the websites, Synchronize your properties availability with the most famous vacation rentals portals
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YieldPlanet provides a single point of control for all your online distribution channels. Itautomates the management and transmission of prices, restrictions and availability information to almost 400 OTA partners. The tool also offers analytical functions which help hoteliers to make informed decisions to drive revenue and profit.


  • Easy-to- use management of all online sales channels. Channel Manager calculates and updates all rate plans over selected channels.
  • Saves time – the whole online sale at a single point of control.
  • The modular structure of the tool lets you start with the features you require today.
  • There are no commission fees or hidden costs with Channel Manager. Competitively priced,the tool is available at a fixed annually, quarterly or monthly subscription fee.
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