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Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center New York

All around the United States but especially in New York, there are three things which mark Christmas celebrations. It starts with Halloween on the 30th of October, approximately three weeks after (the third Thursday of November), the families gather around the turkey for Thanksgiving (remembering the settlers who were able to eat, live and prosper in what was the New World), and, lastly, on the last day of November, they begin the countdown to Christmas with the lighting of the great Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.


The event isn’t just lighting up a huge and authentic Christmas tree, placed in one of the most exclusive places in Manhattan, but also, to make the evening entertaining, they invite a celebrity to be the godfather or godmother of the ceremony and there´s a concert, as well as inaugurating the well known ice rink. With all of this they consider Christmas season in New York as officially open, public illumination and decoration, even in the shop windows.


Remember that snow is a regular in the Big Apple during Christmas, that the festivities are very important for American families and those who have travelled to this tremendous city at this time of the year, come back telling great stories about it. With all the goings on, don´t forget to book one of the excellent apartments in New york where you´ll be able to have your very own Christmas party. We´ll wait for you here so you can tell us your experience.