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The Classic Real Madrid – Barcelona FC

In the last two years, the football league in Spain – which is one of the three champions of the world – has been determined in the Spring, at the stadium Santiago Bernabéu, with the classic match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona – the two best teams in the world. In spite of the fact that since Pep Guardiola took over the Catalan team in 2008, the football of Barcelona has turned into the worldwide benchmark for the sport, as it continues to break records and gain new titles – in the last two editions of the League, the game has only been won in the second half when at the Madrid stadium.

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This just proves not only the Madrid competitive streak – who are unable to give over a defeat until right at the last minute – but also the all-round quality of the team, which is full of international figures who have just been unlucky enough to come up against one of the most memorable and formidable line-ups in history. Indeed, it seems an indisputable fact that Barcelona under Guardiola has reached an unforgettable level in the history of football, up there with the Madrid under Di Stefano or Milan under Arrigo Sacchi – the stuff of legends.

It´s not unusual to hear Barcelona being referred to as the best team of all time – a label which arose from games such the one in the first round of the League against Madrid at Camp Nou, their brilliant home stadium. A fired up Barcelona whipped their opponents with a deserved 5-0 score, which has gone down in football history. In spite of the Catalan teams incredible recent successes, it was speculated by the capital city´s fans that, with the arrival of Mourinho to the bench last summer (who rivals Guardiola in prestige) the Madrid team could see a change of luck, with the hierarchy between the two teams tipping in favour of Madrid for once.

Five months later, on the 16th of April, at 10pm, both teams will face one another again at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, for a match which will surely re-ignite the age old debate, and which will also give Madrid a new opportunity to prove themselves and perhaps win their first victory against the Catalan club in three years.





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Expected to be an amazing match – when it comes to football nothing beats a Madrid-Barcelona game. See for yourself when you rent Madrid accommodation over this date.

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