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Florence and the Machine in Amsterdam

Florence and the Machine will be performing in concert at Paradiso in Amsterdam on April 1. Their tour this year will visit only a few countries in Europe since an important part of their work in 2012 was concentrated in the United States. For this reason, many of their devoted fans are preparing to travel to the capital of the Netherlands.

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Florence Welch first arrived on the music scene with her band Florence and the Machine in 2009 and has had continued success thanks to both her hard work and musical abilities. Her music is an enchanting mix of soul, rock and other genres with a unique twist.

Before her commercial success, the band received recognition from journalistic music reviewers, which is an important step for young bands, for the band’s artistic quality as well as their potential to appeal to worldwide audiences. During this time, the band received an invitation to the program BBC Introducing, for which they received good critiques and became even better known, amplifying their popularity.

Their first album was a great success. “Lungs” appeared in 2009 and was number two on the UK Album Charts for five consecutive weeks. In the January of the following year they secured the top spot among the British, whose discerning market is known to be a driving force for discovering great talent. In addition, the group’s album was among the top 40 sold in England for some 65 weeks, making the group a hit in both 2009 and 2010. Their meteoric rise to fame was crowned when “Lungs” was awarded the prize for best British album at the Brit Awards in 2010, which opened up new paths to worldwide audiences.

After this big splash onto the music scene, Florence and the Machine were invited to perform live at the MTV Video Music Awards and to give a concert for the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize that year. Following their run of successes, the group was nominated for the prize of best new artist at the 53rd Grammy Awards but went home empty-handed.

Having achieved recognition as a hard-working band, Florence and the Machine were chosen to be a part of the soundtrack for Eclipse, the third installation about the vampires of the Twilight Saga, with the song “Heavy in Your Arms”.

The red-headed singer and composer has said that each song she writes betrays her complete intimate world, assuring that life is a constant contradiction between security and freedom. Her approach to these topics, together with the perfect music and interpretation, is the reason she has attained such great success, because these topics speak about the experiences of young women today.

For more information: http://www.paradiso.nl/web/Agenda-Item/Florence-The-Machine-1.htm



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