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Guy Bourdin has first exhibit in Spain

Guy Bourdin is one of the most relevant photographers of the 20th century, and is coming to Spain for the first time to present his work in an exhibition in Madrid, that will show the most important moments of his career.

Exhibit Guy Bourdin Madrid

Guy Bourdin is one of the most famous fashion and advertising photographers in the world, and although a lot of his colleagues are experts as well, he is also one of the most influencing artists around. For the first time, his work will be shown in Spain in the Sala de Exposiciones Del Canal Isabel II de la Comunidad de Madrid from the 14th of September until the 14th of November.

The title of the show “A Message for You” alludes to the complex mind of a photographer, and tries to dissect what it is that he wants to communicate and show to the world.

Now the work that he did during his career, that lasted over three decades, will be shown in different art galleries and museums all around the world. For instance in the Victoria&Albert Museum in London, the Jeu de Paume in Paris or the National Museum in China.

For this French artist fashion photography has been a means to communicate a message, conveying it by images with a background history, fascinating compositions full of colour. But this doesn’t mean that his imagery and messages were easy to decipher. On the contrary he was deeply influence by the absurd and surrealism. Thereby he changed the way in which fashion and advertisement photography was conceived and this is the reason why he became so famous and such a transgressor.

“A Message for You” focuses on his work from the 70ies, because it is thought to be his most important period, where he shot the best photos, like the series he made with model Nicolle Meyer.

This is an exceptional opportunity to get to know the life and work of Guy Bourdin, one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. If you don’t want to miss this interesting show, rent apartments in Madrid and enjoy.