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Giannangeli Pharmacy Rome

Rome is a beautiful city with its museums, parks, bars, clubs, monuments and different attractions that will allow all tourists to enjoy a great holiday. The bad thing is that, sometimes , we can feel sick and need a pharmacy.

If this is your case, a place that´s open 24/7 is Farmacia Giannangeli, which is located a few steps away from Campo de´ Fiori, whose service is excellent. On their website you can find out about everything that you may need and know which products are available and which aren´t, so you don´t go there for nothing. The good thing is that if you need something and they don´t have it but it´s not urgent, that can prepare it for you thanks to their chemists.

Also, on the website, there´s relevant news and information that can be of interest to all visitors and, finally, subscribe to a newsletter with information that will get to you every week with all the news.

All those who want to visit the Italian city, which is also one of the most famous in the world due to its beautiful places that you can visit, just have to rent apartments in Rome