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Holidays at Sea – Boat Apartments

At this point, right in the midst of summer, we know that many of you will already have your holidays well planned out- with your only motivation in the morning being that you get to cross out another day in the calendar on the countdown to that long-awaited holiday. But we also know that a few spacey minds still don’t know where their next adventure will take them, or perhaps the chance to plan a short escapade has come up unexpectedly. And that’s when we always come back to the same question… sea side or mountain destination? For those of you who prefer the sea, well, you are in luck. Today we’re revealing how to spend your holidays at sea. Can you imagine waking up to the sound of the waves? Having breakfast surrounded by the azure of the sea? Having the sway of the tide rock you to sleep? Channel your inner cabin boy and turn your holiday into an adventure aboard a boat. Yes, you read right, here are our boat apartments.  All on board!


Lisbon, Portugal

Taking in a beautiful sunset with the Tagus River for backyard? You can live out that fantasy on this boat in Lisbon, equipped with a cabin with a double bed, toilet, and kitchen. It’s just a few minutes away from the Belém Tower, and is thus perfectly located for discovering Lisbon. Starting off the day with some Pastéis de Belém, one of Lisbon’s most typical sweets, and exploring the city, can only lead to some unforgettable and remarkable days.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Living like a true local is possible from this boat house in Amsterdam. Nowadays, there are around 2500 boat houses in the picturesque canals of the Dutch capital. Modern and with all type of comforts, this house on water is perfect for a romantic escapade. Savoring a cup of coffee in its little garden after exploring the city by bike sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

houseboat amsterdam


Lanzarote, Spain

If you are one of those who prefers water to mountains, but only as long as it’s sea water and at a (preferably paradisiacal) beach destination, this is the apartment for you. This stunning yacht boasts three double cabins, a kitchen, a terrace with a small dining room, and even a sun room.  It’s the perfect excuse to face what is usually mission impossible: getting all your friends together and agreeing on a Lanzarote break.



Porto Cervo, Italy

If the previous idea sounds like a plan but you’re looking for a different destination, we also have this alternative. Porto Cervo is the undisputed capital of the Emerald Coast, known for its dream-like beaches and for being the exclusive domain of the rich and famous until very recently. This boat can house up to 10 guests, and it’s fully equipped so that you don’t go lacking, so that your only worry is chilling out and having a good time.