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Jazz Club Venice

On the Venice Jazz Club webpage there´s a photograph that defines pretty well the character of this venue with live music located next to Ponte Santa Margarita: a baby no older than nine months old listens to the music in ecstasy while he holds and carefully ´reads´ the programme .This Jazz Club not only offers live music from 7pm onwards (jazz, sould and blues) but, also, has a varied seasonal programme(you cannot miss what´s prepared for the Venice Carnival) and art exhibitions. The photograph of the baby perfectly illustrates how the music and the timetable of this jazz club, the only one in Venice according to its organizers, is accessible for all tastes and ages. Although Venice offers us a high saturation of artistic spaces, when the sun goes down, it´s a good idea to drop by Venice Jazz Club instead of spending the evening in the apartments in Venice because, at the jazz club, you can listen to good live music, see an art exhibition and enjoy the best of companies. If you´ve used an establishment recommended on this guide, we´d like to know your opinion. We´ve opened the comments box just for you.