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Join the #OnlyBeRevolution and Win a Trip for Two!

The #OnlyBeRevolution is here!


The movement of travelers vindicating a different way to travel.

Because it’s the moments that count, and not the number of nights you’re staying

Because we can whip up an improvised dinner with whatever is left in the fridge

Because we are travelers, not tourists


At Only-apartments we’ve brought out our most rebellious side to shout out from the rooftops what many think but none dare say. And we’re counting on you to help us spread the word! Would you also rather stay at an apartment than at a hotel? Why?

Join the #OnlyBeRevolution!



All you need is a marker and a piece of white fabric (the larger the better). Write down the reason you’d rather choose an apartment over a hotel, get your picture taken with the message (it needs to be legible), share it on Instagram under the #OnlyBeRevolution hashtag and become eligible to win a fantastic trip for two.*

But there’s more…

In addition, all entries will be collected in a book we’ll publish under the title Manifesto #OnlyBeRevolution and of which you’ll be able to get a copy just by participating.

Have a look at our compilation of #OnlyBeRevolution reasons if you like, and discover some of the reasons that make us choose for apartments when it comes to holiday accommodation.

Dare to do it!

*Check the Terms and Conditions of the contest here.