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La Bonita Beauty Spa Vienna

The reasons that a traveller has to go to Vienna are many. Its architecture, gastronomy and its golden era history are just some of those that we have to visit this Central European gem, at least once in our lifetime, although it´s advisable to go there more times. Even so, Vienna has plenty of places where we can relax and pamper our body, whether it´s with public thermal baths or urban spas.


La Bonita Beauty Spa is one of Vienna´s most famous spas. Here we can enjoy all of its facial, beauty, hand and feet treatments as well as the different massages, such as Shiatsu, Thai massage or the four-hand massage among the 12 that they offer. Also, if you´re pregnant, you also have a massage designed especially for you.


The spa also has various packages which you can enjoy with your partner or your friends, where you have various treatments and massages of long duration, which turns out to be incredibly good value for money and allows you to relax with your loved ones. The spa also has a set of beauty and health treatments and massages just for men, with aroma massages, facial cures and even hair and hair removal treatments. As well as all of this, you can enjoy its thermal pools and their different hydrotherapies.


If you´re tired and you feel like taking a break from everyday life, rent apartments in Vienna this spring and come to La Bonita Beauty Spa, where all their modern treatments and massages will renew your energies and you will feel like if you´ve just come back from a long summer vacation. Also, you can enjoy this incredible city and all of its history, culture and its sweet gastronomy.