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London Walks

London is a big city which is also different from the rest. Despite it being a metropolis which has everything necessary to fully enjoy it, like museums, monuments and natural beauties, it also has hidden spots which are only known by the locals which have a spectacular beauty and history.

The city seems to have been created to see it on foot, because it has small streets with unique views which are in any given neighbourhood that, many times, is far from the city centre. These places cannot be seen from a car or from a big bus and, for that reason, London Walks are so famous.

As its name indicates, these tours were made to see this English city walking and, that way, enjoy it fully. The guides are people who live in London and, therefore, know perfectly well where to take you and every hidden little place. There are many types of tours and most of them have the closest Tube stop as their meeting point. For that reason, arriving there won´t be a problem.

But there are also museums, monuments, parks and all other types of beauties. If you want to get to know this beautiful city all you have to do is rent apartments in London and make the most out of the London Walks.