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Mlýnec is a restaurant in the city of Prague that offers us a unique view of the city and that you won´t be able to find anywhere else. It´s located in front of Charles Bridge, over the beautiful Vltava river that surrounds the city.


Eating there is a unique experience because not only the view is beautiful, but also the waitering service is excellent, as is the flavour of the dishes. The menu is varied and there´s an option for each taste, but what they always recommend is the sample menu, so you can then eat a bit of every of the popular dishes in this restaurant.


There´s also a special menu for Sundays where one pays a fixed price and eats everything that they desire. The service starts with wine and ends with the most delicious desserts, one eats what he likes but the waiters keep bringing food without the necessity of asking.


But further than the food, which is very good, and the wine list which is very extensive, the most important thing about this place is the view that it has and the possibility of eating overlooking the river that it offers its clients.


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