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Mountains vs. Seaside, Which Would You Rather?

Now that summer is around the corner, many of you will be looking forward to spending a few days away on holiday. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice some people always opt for field or mountain getaways in places like the Pyrenees or the Swiss Alps; while others like to relax by the seaside, choosing places like the Balearic Islands, Greece, or towns along the Italian coast instead. There are also those of us that can’t seem to agree with our partners, and thus have to compromise and find something in between. But it goes without saying that we all have our own personal preference based on our personality, and here some of the peculiarities that characterize those at either side of the scale.


Sea lovers- Like a duck takes to water

de playa

If you love the sea, then you also love the beach. Those rushing that rush off to islands when it comes to taking a break from their work routine tend to love hot weather and everything that it implies: sunbathing, long afternoon naps, and going out at night for drinks wearing little clothing. In fact, beach enthusiasts tend to be lazier during the day hours but their energy picks up at night. They love to party and they have more friends than they can count: friends at the beach, friends at that nightclub, friends from their hometown, friends of their friends, friends of their partner… well, let’s just say they’re very sociable.

When it comes to eating habits, beach lovers often like light foods: rice, salads, fish… not only because these dishes just seem to go down well in hot weather, but also because they have to keep and show off their figure. Their stable lifestyle is another characteristic many of them have in common, as they tend to take fewer risks. They generally work steady jobs, taking a break perhaps once a year, when they go off on holiday and behave like good tourists.


Mountain Lovers- Nature at its Best

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On the other hand, mountain souls gravitate towards cooler, milder places. Not interested in late night partying, they are looking for full relaxation, along with the sense of absolute freedom and tranquility that only nature can bring. They also tend to be good athletes, be it cyclists, climbers, runners, or skiers in the winter months (practicing sports is also a good way to relax).

Mountain lovers are more diurnal, preferring to stay in at night to watch a good movie by the fire. They tend to have just a few close friends, and they also spend a lot of their free time with their family. They are often very talkative, known for starting a chat with anyone they meet- after all, they lead more adventurous lifestyles than beach lovers, and they are used to encountering many strangers with whom they end up spending long hours during any of their adventures.

When it comes to food, mountaineers are all for abundance: meat, soups… and they obviously can’t stand bathing in salt water, you can’t get them away from their swimming pools, rivers, or lakes.


Of course, any family can have members with different personalities, and surely some of your friends are better suited for one of these profiles over the other. And what about you, do you love the mountains or the seaside?