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New York Beyond Manhattan. The MOMA

Dedicated to the past and the present, the established and the experimental. Our mission is helping you understand and enjoy the art of our time,


When a lover of the arts falls into inspiration, they wish to find nothing more than an experimental momentum that will aspire and motivate the new ideas emerging and those yet to come. To find a place of such importance and inspiration that it fuels the creativity and inspires nothing less than the naked passion they so desire. With contemporary and modern art holding such importance in the world of arts today, it is crucial to find a place where one may bask in the likes of their own. Creativity of course, requires no less than the passionate fusions it so possesses.


This is where the Museum of Modern Art comes into play. For those with an interest in the arts, you will of course have heard of this artistic memoir that spread its artistic luster across the world. Located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, the Museum of Modern art collects contemporary and modern art for the eyes of many. Known to be one of the most influential museums of modern art in the world, it´s no surprise as to why its popularity soars across the waters.

First established in November 7th 1929, MOMA was founded as an educational institution that is still held in strong regards today. It is dedicated to being the primary museum of modern art in the world and with its strong leadership influences, is of course known to be of the most influential movements in the world today.

With an array of exhibitions presented and educational programs of ´unparallel significance´, the Museum of Modern Art reflects the pattern of modern and contemporary art, thus causing waves of influence in the artistic minds of today. They are able to do this through the use of a conservation laboratory, a library that consists of over 300,000 artist books and periodicals and an archive with 2500 linear feet exhibitions. There is no doubt that though a Museum and Gallery of the arts, MOMA is also known and recognized as an international center of research and it is due to this reason that MOMA supports scholarships and publications of intellectual merit.

Initially the Museum of Modern Art began as an idea of 3 women and owes a large portion of its success to women. Beginning with the 3 original founders, also known as ´The Ladies´, until modern day today, women have held a strong leadership role to the institution and have supported its original mission. To explore, develop and influence the world of art and to spread the understanding and enjoyment of modern and contemporary art.

The goal is to highlight significant achievements and innovations by women, often linked with the establishment of programs that MoMA and many other museums now take for granted.
—Michelle Elligott, Archivist


Gifted 8 prints and 1 drawing. This is how MOMA first opened its doors to the public when opened in 1929 in the Heckscher Building on 730 Fifth Avenue. Today it has acquired many a spectator and houses more than 150,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, architectural models and drawings and design objects. It is due to this innovative concept of continuous change and modification that the Museum of Modern Art has become so very popular; with 3.1 million visitors having walked through the doors by 2013 alone.

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

One of MOMA´s greatest innovative ideas was to launch the World´s First Curatorial Department, solely devoted to Architecture and Design in 1932. This department includes over 28,000 works from large-scale designs, to paper and architectural models. With the Museum conversing movements and showcasing major figures from the mid-19th century till date; it is of course evident that MOMA is starting with reform ideology and a collection that covers major movements of the 20th century, with an addition of contemporary issues for the world to see, understand and appreciate.

The curatorial department showcases its architectural collections that features models, drawings and photographs. Including the Mies Van Der Rohe Archive. With its Design collection including elements of modern day equipment such as appliances, furniture, tableware, textiles, a helicopter and sports cars that we of course, all know and love.

The collection focuses on creativity, innovational aspects and mindsets of past minds and influences the artistic elements that are at play today. To see an idea at birth and to watch this idea spring from a bud to that of a physical conception. To see the changes over the years, the norm of what once was and what now is; is the entire mission of the Museum of Modern Art. To fuel creativity, inspire passion and to collaborate in the minds of many artistic minds at play, is where MOMA aims to be and currently resides.

It is due to this and this alone, that The Museum of Modern Art is known to be the most innovative, creative and influential leaders in the world of modern art.