Sanja Ivekovic in New York

The name of Sanja Ivekovic is synonymous with art, creation and critique of a society where the role of women has changed thanks to fighting and struggling, many of which she has contributed to, by making them evident in her art: roles, stereotypes, disparities and abuses of power.

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Sanja was born in Yugoslavia, where after studying visual and graphic arts at the Zagreb Academy, she devoted herself to visual arts activism, defined as a feminist in a dictatorial regime Yugoslavia, in which women did not participate beyond the house and family matters. On many occasions she was confronted and even stopped by the Tito’s regime due to her controversial performances, one of these, was posing naked and masturbating, while drinking whiskey on a balcony, during a parade led by Tito and his armed forces. From these first acts of criticism of a closed system, lack of opportunities and especially the freedom to choose, communicate, and access to power, Sanja becomes recognized not only nationally but also in many other European countries for her critical and innovative work.

Historically, Ivekovic’s work, has been linked to the recognition of the women’s role in society, with a strong socio-political commitment, commitment which is precisely the inspiration for her “Women’s house” in 1998,  as well as her active participation in the center of women´s Studies in Zagreb.

Sanja´s artwork, especially her performances, give us valuable information about her art and her active role as critic and activist, who reveals issues and problems, always causing controversy, which is precisely why Ivekovic is a founding artist of school, admired by her great courage and undeniable talent.

The exhibition, which started on the 18th of December at MOMA, is called “Sweet Violence” because of one of her audiovisual works, which was exposed in 1974. In “Sweet Violence” , among others, the following works will be on display: “Personal Cuts” 1982; “General Alert “1995 and” Rohrbach Living Memorial ” 2005. Of her performance work has been selected “Practice Make the Master”, which will be played by Sonja Pregard, recognized dancer who will be responsible for this impressive performance on the abuse of political power over the bodies and lives of people. In addition, 100 photomontages will be presented, which I can’t say much, as there are many surprises, includes the most celebrated photographic Ivekovic’s series, among these, the famous “Double Life” from 1975, one of her first series of photographs where she attacks consumer culture and the woman’s model transmitted by the media in 66 pairs of photographs of herself in scenes similar to those published in fashion magazines of the time.

The exhibition can be viewed until the 26th of March, 2012.Do not miss it!.

For more information visit: ivekovic new york

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A powerful exhibition of an artist committed to the society she grew up, lived and still lives in. Rent apartments in New york and go to MOMA to see this brilliant retrospective exhibition of the art of Sanja Ivekovic.