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On Board a River Cruise

River cruises are becoming more attractive to travelers looking for a different sort of experience. Today, these vessels offer virtually the same services as larger cruise ships but with the advantage of shorter journeys and easier navigation. It is a form of tourism that is offered more frequently and you can also find offers for adults and children if that’s what you want. In this post, I recommend some of the river cruises currently navigating the rivers around the globe.


Cruising the Amazon: It’s a luxury to sail the river in South America, isolated from the world and enjoying Mother Nature in all its abundance. You will be traversing the largest river in the world, which delves into the depths of South America and spans several countries. The Amazon River emerges in the Peruvian Andes, at some 3,000 meters high. The lush jungle surrounds you as you travel along the Amazon River. I recommend taking a river cruise leaving from Manaus (Brazil) or from Iquitos (Peru), although the latter is perhaps less crowded and more to my liking. The cruise ships are very comfortable, usually small wooden boats with no more than 20 rooms. Of course, it is absolutely idyllic to ride through the Amazon rainforest, crossing lakes and floating gardens, passing by countless trees, zigzagging and meandering along the way.

Visiting the first civilization of the Nile River: From Luxor to Aswan. This river cruise travels back in time to ancient civilizations. Discover the Nile’s history, from pharaohs, tombs, valleys, and dams to the most unexpected mysteries. The river, which crosses Egypt from top to bottom, is simply magic. It’s the source of life for the many inhabitants along its shores. The ships are large and very comfortable, and the service is exceptional. There’s usually an Arabian costume party on the final evening that’s a blast.

Tour of the Rhine: This river from the heart of Europe emerges in the Swiss Alps, traveling through Liechtenstein, France, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands before ending in the North Sea. But it is not entirely navigable. I think the most fun part of this cruise, is crossing the magnificent Rhine Falls (in Schaffhausen), the largest waterfall in Europe. If you’re lucky enough to visit and see the rainbow created by the waterfall, you will be astounded. Between France and Germany, passing through Strasbourg, the views from the cruise won’t disappoint. And it’s ideal for a romantic trip.


Traveling the Blue Danube: The longest in Europe, this river runs through a dozen countries. On board you can visit Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, and even Prague and Berlin. To see its mouth, you’ll have to travel to the delta of the Black Sea in Romania. And its source is in Germany’s Black Forest. But it’s not only about cities. Between so many urban spots, you’ll also encounter the stunning landscapes of the Hungarian Plain and the famous Austrian Wachau Valley. It’s definitely worth traveling on this very long and flowing river, but please note that it’s not blue, no matter what the famous Waltz says.