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Best burgers in Barcelona

While the burger is the traditional American food, over time it has become an icon of modern living to be a meal served at as its name says “fast”, you waste no time eating it and has a pleasing flavor that is open to an endless series of combinations. Its origin goes back to the Mongolian and Turkish tribes of the fourteenth century, but the modern version of the hamburger comes from the nineteenth century, when the Germans brought to the U.S. the Frikadelle, which was known as American steak Hamburg-style. Shortly thereafter it was transformed into the famous burgers. So to help you find this delicacy in Barcelona, here we tell you where are the best burgers and their characteristics, and the quality of the products they contain. For those who are sophisticated and like to eat gourmet style in La Burg will find a nice burger. This restaurant opened thirty years ago, while proving that burgers can be prepared with style and creativity. They use brown-alpine beef, without chemicals and in accordance to the most demanding sanitary rules, in their preparations. The menu is composed by thirteen types of burgers, including lamb and vegetarian, making a difference with any restaurant specializing in this type of specialties. They offer a take away service and is located at Passeig Sant Joan Bosco 55. Following the same quality standard is El Filete Ruso, whose name honors the Tatar name of hamburger, and has taken this popular preparation for turning it into a gourmet dish. Along with choosing the best products, which are treated in accordance to the sanitary rules, it...

Big Fish Born Barcelona

A seafood restaurant whose owners are authentic fishermen, Big Fish born, in Barcelona, has an unbelievable decoration.

Barcelona emblematic Wineries

Going to a winery in Barcelona is going through very special places in the city. The cellars retain a traditional spirit, which has been increasingly losing with the growth of the city. It is curious that these places to survive, but it is not surprising. Despite our opinion, people always prefer friendly service, affordable prices, and family warmness. In this way, and with the social and political changes, a diverse and intense city as Barcelona has passed, these spaces have survived and continue to sharing year after year their pleasant service. If you visit Barcelona, enjoying these wineries is definitely an experience not to be missed. In the cellars usually you will find tapas, ham sandwiches, accompanied by fresh beer, vermouth, wine and other drinks. Here is a brief list of some wineries that are a meeting point for the Catalan community. Since 1930, La Pineda keeps its doors open to offer the best tapas and snacks. With such a long tradition, and so much history, this wine-bar-charcuterie is located on the Pi Street, just steps away from the Palace of Maldá. In addition to tapas and snacks, you have to try its delicious vermouth. It is a really a pleasure to share with friends in this traditional place. A little older, the famous bar Castells continues to provide the best wines, beers and tapas from its shelves of beautiful old wood design. Another option, you can’t miss. Josefa winery located on Calle Zaragoza in Sant Gervasi, is very peculiar, because it has a whole Wild West atmosphere, which is really contradictory with the traditional Catalan glance, perhaps bordering...

Gin Tonic with glamor in Barcelona

There are pleasures in life we ??all enjoy in good company, one of them is a delicious and exciting Gin Tonic. That sparkling transparent drink has become fashionable among young people, despite its long history, dating to when India was a British colony and its population drank tonic water to prevent malaria, containing quinine combining it with gin. If you are a lover of this drink and have prepared trip to Barcelona, ??we will give some information so you know where to get your Gin Tonic with glamor. In Barcelona an interesting trend with this drink has been created and Elephanta is an example. Conceived as a place for leisure with an exquisite charming atmosphere, and good music to accompany a nice evening alone with close friends, enjoying their special Gin Tonics. To delight the most discerning palate they has 36 types of gin and 18 different types of tonic water, from which you can choose to have the cocktail of your choice or experiment with new flavors. This teahouse “bar” is in the Villa of  Gracia, and it is a must for those who like the innovative environments. It is located in Torrent d´en Vidalet 37. XIX Bar is one of those places for connoisseurs of GinTonic. It offers surreal charm, and has the widest range of Gin Tonic preparations in Barcelona served in glasses specially chosen to highlight each flavor. There are about sixty preparations and all are creations of Scottish bartender Mike Cruickshank, some have  lime, others cucumber, others berries and many other flavors make this establishment a must decorated in a Picasso style bar its...

The Best Catalan Desserts

Barcelona continues to grow in culture and diversity, but against all odds, maintains a tradition in its food and its desserts, you can not live part of a culture without trying its food, drink its beer, and eat its desserts. Barcelona is more than the amazing football games, fun in the streets all year long , beaches with hot guys and beautiful girls, its ancient historical streets in the neighborhoods of the Gothic quarters  and the Raval, the delicious  tapas in the afternoon accompanied by a refreshing Estrella or Voll Damm beer. In Barcelona, ??you can taste cuisine from all over the world at all kind of prices. From Mediterranean dishes in several establishments, to classic Spanish food and light snacks before lunch, Japanese , Chinese, Italian, Indian, Pakistani, American restaurants are also available, all the flavors blended together in a single city. The cultural variety just creates new dishes, new ways to try food. It is this rich culture that shares the best of Barcelona this is a city that enjoys with intensity all of its great offerings. Being an extremely cosmopolitan city open to all races, creeds, a welcoming and warm paradise  it is a haven for adventure and in many cases seekers of hot delicious food. Cataluña is known worldwide for its incredible and diverse cuisine, having dozens of restaurants with the famous Michelin stars. If you are looking for a treat and flavor during the winter, these are some Catalan desserts you just can not miss: Catalan cream is the dessert version of the famous French “crème brulée”. Its covered in crunchy soft candy, its...

Piazze D´Italia Restaurant Barcelona

The true Italian flavour in the heart of Barcelona so you can enjoy the fresh and natural flavours that Piazze D´Italia offers you.

Catalan Traditional Food

Catalan food is famous beyond its borders, why? Very simple!, it gathers the flavors of the best of Mediterranean cuisine with seafood and flavors of the garden and mountains. Do not waste time looking for restaurants that cook Catalan dishes, we will tell you the best places to eat cod fritters, tuna with sanfaina or lamb preparations. In O´Toxo 3 Hermanos Restaurant, you will find Catalan specialties with a unique home flavor. The food has intense flavors, the style of old wine cellars in the region. Fish and seafood are very fresh and well prepared, as well as the meat in all its local variations. It also has delicious desserts with fresh fruits from the area, as well as good wines to accompany lunch or dinner. It is located in, Carmen 59 and the daily menu price is 15 Euros. Another great alternative is Alli i oli, its culinary offerings are roasted meats with garden salads, potato caliu and other wonders of the local cuisine, which can be enjoyed in a rustic setting that resembles a cave. There are three full menus, including dessert; coffee and beverages the prices range from 52.50 Euros to 42 Euros for two people. There is also a la Carte dishes such as grilled Cod or Caracoles Llauna. This restaurant is located on Carrer d´Alella 3. At the Bar, Pub and Restaurant 4 Gats you will find a sophisticated Catalan cuisine offer with gourmet touches, included in their daily menus. The value of the menu is 15.97 Euros plus VAT from Monday to Friday and Saturdays 23.90 Euros plus VAT. It is located on...

Out of China Barcelona

A place with the perfect mix of traditional and new in Chinese, Catalan and international cuisine. Located in Eixample, it´s an ideal place for a fast restaurant

Sushi Express Barcelona

One of the best takeaway Japanese food places in Barcelona. Located in Eixample, it´s a recommended place to sample the best of this fantastic Oriental cuisine.

Dry Martini Bar Barcelona

Bar and restaurant, this is one of the most sophisticated places when it comes to cocktails and a unique warm service.