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The Best Catalan Desserts

Barcelona continues to grow in culture and diversity, but against all odds, maintains a tradition in its food and its desserts, you can not live part of a culture without trying its food, drink its beer, and eat its desserts. Barcelona is more than the amazing football games, fun in the streets all year long , beaches with hot guys and beautiful girls, its ancient historical streets in the neighborhoods of the Gothic quarters  and the Raval, the delicious  tapas in the afternoon accompanied by a refreshing Estrella or Voll Damm beer.

catalan desserts

In Barcelona, ??you can taste cuisine from all over the world at all kind of prices. From Mediterranean dishes in several establishments, to classic Spanish food and light snacks before lunch, Japanese , Chinese, Italian, Indian, Pakistani, American restaurants are also available, all the flavors blended together in a single city. The cultural variety just creates new dishes, new ways to try food.

It is this rich culture that shares the best of Barcelona this is a city that enjoys with intensity all of its great offerings. Being an extremely cosmopolitan city open to all races, creeds, a welcoming and warm paradise  it is a haven for adventure and in many cases seekers of hot delicious food. Cataluña is known worldwide for its incredible and diverse cuisine, having dozens of restaurants with the famous Michelin stars. If you are looking for a treat and flavor during the winter, these are some Catalan desserts you just can not miss:

Catalan cream is the dessert version of the famous French “crème brulée”. Its covered in crunchy soft candy, its smooth creamy texture make  it a lighter version and less sweet than the French dessert. Thus, Catalan cream is a good choice after a heavy meal if you want  something light for digestion.

Mel i mato is another dessert that you can not miss, this is a super simple combination of cream cheese and ricotta, simply blended to create a smooth textured paste. Then you put the cheese in different molds, decorate it with nuts and of course, honey covers the entire preparation. Simply irresistible on a cold afternoon this week.

The pastissets, are another popular Catalan desserts. These preparations are made of  fried flour and crude almonds, or sometimes have a delicious cheese filling. If you´ve never seen them, they have a great resemblance to a shape of  a pie, only that pastissets are bathed in light powdered sugar.

Finally, a dessert of Catalan origin but that is very popular at all latitudes is the delicious blancmange. No doubt influenced by Arabs because of its ingredients but of Catalan origin, blancmange consumption has spread through many areas especially in Latin America. Just try it with crackers, toast or bread, or just eat it by the spoonful, this is a dessert whose age alone is only compared with its incredible flavor.