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7 best restaurants for brunch in Barcelona

Brunching has become a major trend in Barcelona and here are our top picks for the best brunch places in the city. Enjoy your holidays with the most delicious brunch menus the city has to offer

U2 Concert in Barcelona

After an absence of 5 years, U2 are coming back to Spain with four shows in Barcelona this time around.

Barcelona Degusta 2015

A Catalan and international culinary festival awaits you at Barcelona’s Fira de Montjuïc, from Thursday September 24th, until Sunday September 27th: namely the 5th edition of Barcelona Degusta. Visit this fall’s most anticipated culinary festival in Barcelona and taste everything from fast food to delicious desserts.

September in Barcelona and Surrounding Areas

August is coming to a close. It’s the end of those long days without fixed schedules, mornings without alarm clocks and meal sessions that stretch on forever. It’s the end of the season where every day brings new plans. We say goodbye to our summer love and get ready to tackle our daily routine with tears pouring down our face… But… wait a second. This is the beginning of September! That amazing month jammed-packed with the start of new activities, events that take over our agenda, and new challenges on our horizon. And especially so if Barcelona is your destination! Barcelona has never heard of the post-vacation blues because September turns the city into an inexhaustible source of celebrations and events worthy of the month of August. Ready for a non-stop September in Barcelona? Let’s start! Setmana del llibre en català (Catalan Book Week) – September 4th-13th Barcelona is and has always been a hotspot for all types of artists and writers. As such, it is the aim of this ten days long rendezvous to get the public up to speed with the best and most recent developments in the Catalan literary scene. With over 125 exhibitors including publishers, bookstores and publishing groups, Catalan Book Week in the Avenida de la Catedral, brings the audience closer to the efforts of writers, editors and libraries that work hard to bring to life the culture of Catalan language in its written form. You have 10 days to make the most of your visit to the Barcelona Cathedral by exploring this exhibit and soaking up the language of Catalonia. Tibidabo Live Festival...

Vegetarian/Vegan Alternatives in Barcelona

In the bustling streets of Barcelona´s metropolitan city streets you´ll be sure to find a wide array of meats of all variations and sizes. In a city in love with its Jamon culture, it´s not always so evident that you´ll find meat-free options, But alas! They never did say Barcelona was not a city full of surprises. Even in a city full of Jamon styled recipes and restaurants; you´ll be sure find both vegan and vegetarian alternatives. Here we will give you a short list of 10 of our favorite restaurants with mouthwatering cuisine. They’re not ones to be missed! Instagram: @flaxandkale Flax & Kale A wonderfully stylish and gourmet, New York style, surprise you as walk through the door and have you staying for hours sort of place! Wow that was a mouthful! Here is a personal favorite of mine. You will find a most delicious range of vegetarian options available to satisfy even the most stubborn of taste buds. With an explosion to the taste buds, this is one to keep in mind. Flax and Kale whip up their own creations of milkshakes and health juices. You´ll be insane not to try! They also have a fish option available for those who wish to try.   Govinda An indian-style vegetarian choice. With a diverse range of foods, this spicetastic restaurant is a must try! There´s also gluten free options available.   Muy Mio For a more relaxed and chilled out atmosphere, Muy Mio is the place to be. With a menu offering Mediterranean and even International inspired cuisine. You´ll have yourself coming back for more!   Surf...