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Explore Lisbon through its Pastry Shops

Visiting Lisbon is a real treat, and not just a treat for the sight but also for the palate. Touring the streets of the Portuguese capital becomes a lot more tempting with the sweet background smell of its typical sweets, straight out of the oven, seducing the traveler’s senses. And that’s why we’d like to suggest you step into the shoes of a taster for a day and explore the city from the windows of its best bakeries… Pick up your map of Lisbon and take good note!   Our starting point is the Casa Pastéis de Belém, who have maintained their original 1837 pastry recipe to our days. But don’t expect anyone to let you in on how to recreate that delicious taste in your own kitchen, it’s a big secret! Located on Rua de Belém 84-92, it’s perfectly positioned to start the day off with a visit to the Jerónimos Monastery, where the popular mix of ingredients that’s responsible for these Pastéis originated, and obviously the Belém Tower, an emblematic monument built in the Manueline style.   Moving on- if walking is not quite your thing we’d suggest you take the tram or the subway to Terreiro do Paço. As you can see, this stop is right by the Praça do Comércio, where you’ll find several cafeterias that serve the popular pão de ló (a type of cake). This will be the perfect time to have a light lunch and a fresh cup of coffee. Crossing through Lisbon in the direction away from the sea, you’ll find four pastry shops not too far from each other. These...

The world is a market (Lisbon)

Getting lost in Lisbon´s markets is always a pleasure. Getting lost in the labyrinths of fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, flowers, antiques… everything is possible! Here you will find some clues on where to buy the best local and regional products and eating a nice dish of cod at “home” (in an apartment with a kitchen) is a priceless experience. Here are two markets you can go to: the Mercado Da Ribeira and the Feira Da Labra, both with undeniable attraction for locals and tourists, because the world is a market. Da Ribeira food market A must for anyone who wishes to buy bags and bags of all the typical products of the city. Its location is privileged: on the shores of the river Tejo, and there you can buy fruit, vegetables, escargots, cakes, aromatic herbs, etc. It´s an ideal visit to get to know the local cuisine and its architecture is striking, a giant structure of steel and glass with plenty of light and colour, thanks to the flower stalls that stand side by side with the food ones. It´s also a cultured market because there´s also a bookshop on the fop floor where you can have a browse and a read before going shopping, a great chance to get acquainted with Portuguese literature. Although the first Da Ribeira Market dates from the 12th century, it had to be moved to another area after the earthquake of 1755. Now it occupies 10,000 m2 over two floors and they say that gourmets think it´s the best market in the city. via surfistaseco Feira Da Ladra This market with a life of its...

Where to eat vegetarian in Lisbon

Nowadays, eating vegetarian food is a very common thing. Many studies have confirmed that we actually don’t need to eat meat and that eating vegetarian food is great for our health and also for the environment. If you are wondering what is the population of vegetarians in the world, the answer is “not that many”. Apart of India, a country where vegetarianism is widespread (for religious reasons), the percentage of people that follow a vegetarian diet is 1%, and a small 0.1% of vegans. In total there are about 60 million of vegetarians in the world, which is rather a small percentage. The food market has realized about this reality and has used vegetarian products as a powerful marketing tool. All this to say that if you are going on vacation to Lisbon, which is not strictly vegetarian country, you will have no difficulty in finding a place to eat. Let´s see what they are these restaurants: (Foto: Brocco Lee) PSI This is a place where the very Dalai Lama once ate, how not to trust this prestigious vegetarian restaurant? This cozy restaurant is located in a small public garden called Jardim dos Sabores, near the center of Lisbon, at Alameda St. António dos Capucho Street. The price for 3 courses is around EUR 20. Highly recommended. Green Pepper Here you’ll find a vegetarian buffet that changes every day. If you want to know the menu of the day before going, take a look at their website. To get there, take metro Praça de Espanha. Green Pepper is on Avenida José Malhoa, 14 – Loja 2, Campolide. Terra If you...

Pâo Pâo Queijo Queijo Lisbon

Since early in the 20th century, Pâo Pâo Queijo Queijo in Lisbon has offered delicious baguettes and other recipes to take away or to eat in their restaurant.

Adega da Tia Matilde Restaurant Lisbon

Typical Portuguese cuisine restaurant with a traditionally decorated atmosphere. They have a different menu for every day of the week.

Sr. Vinho restaurant Lisbon

Typical Portuguese food accompanied by one of the most respected Fado shows in Lisbon, which takes place during dinner. They take bookings.

Restaurant Páteo Lisbon

A traditional Portuguese cuisine restaurant, with an atmosphere that recreates a typical neighbourhood of the city of Lisbon.

Restaurant a Adega Machado Lisbon

Typical Portuguese restaurant located in the popular Barrio Alto, with popular fado shows and other Portuguese songs, including traditional marching and others.

Restaurante Cantinho Lusitano Lisbon

A new place where they serve a variety of traditional Portuguese dishes, tapas, starters, meats and wines from Portugal and from around the world.