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Sr. Vinho restaurant Lisbon

Since 1975 the Sr. Vinho Restaurant has been part of the culture and gastronomical offer of the city of Lisbon.

Sr Vinho is one of the most traditional Fado houses in the city, with a cast of seven ´fadistas´ that offer an authentic show of high quality in the Lisbon night.

What makes Sr Vinho popular is that it manages to offer quality both in food and in the show, something that you can´t get in every other place of its type.

In its menu you can find starters which are very typical, such as regional bread, cheeses, olives, meats, cod pies and spicy sausage. The main courses o from cod in its different presentations up to vegetarian options.

The rice dish with lobster, the “lagareiro” octopus and the pork loin with Arabic rice and tropical fruit are considered the house specialities.

They open from 7.30pm until 2am and the Fado show starts at 9pm.

They offer three types of group menu and you can call from your apartments in Lisbon to book your reservation, which will only be taken for dinner.