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Adega da Tia Matilde Restaurant Lisbon

Many decades ago, this restaurant began its own history as a neighbourhood tavern where they served drinks and tapas, created by “Mrs Matilde”.

Throughout the years, the family has been in charge of the business, being the current third generation who is in charge now. The good service and the quality of what they serve has allowed Tia Matilde to become a reference point, with loyal clients and tourists who want to try the best of Portuguese traditional cooking.

The space is divided in three big rooms, with a space at the entrance where you can see the fresh fish and seafood which they serve daily.

They serve a specific menu every day like, for example, the Monday one, when they serve “Gomes de Sá” Cod, a piece of cod served with plenty of olive oil and potatoes; on Saturdays they serve chicken rice house-style, with a fish soup which is famous around the city.

You can visit Tia Matilde knowing that the ingredients that they use to make their dishes are of the best quality and that you´ll be satisfied with the food and service.

Another of the advantages that Tia Matilde has, as well as being close to many of our apartments in Lisbon is that it has its own private car park, a true luxury in the centre of any European city.