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Quioscos – Stalls full of Freshness

Usually we associate the word “kiosk” with varied meanings. One of the most common concerns places where they sell newspapers, magazines and even books. Some can even sell candy, cookies and treats. But in Lisbon, in its heart and other areas of this beautiful city, kiosks or “quioscos” have been recovered to refresh passersby with a wonderful array of delicious refreshments, cocktails and other treats for every taste. Located in squares and viewpoints, it is estimated that at least 40 have been adopted carefully keeping its traditional style. These kiosks were brought from France in the early twentieth century. It has a completely circular shape made of iron, and now work perfectly as a cafe or bar. This recovery, which was promoted by the city of Lisbon, has taken such a force that it has quickly become a meeting and visiting spot for lovers of outdoors and good life. a delicious natural juice, lemonade, even a beer or a full meat to a simple snack can be found. Despite its popularity, it is a comfortable alternative in terms of price and you can find several of them in strategic areas such as Royal Prince spaces, Praça Luiz de Camões and the Flower. Some of these beautiful and nice places have sought to regain drinks of the past such as Mazagran, or the Capilé which is a sweet drink made from maidenhair, Leite is scented with cinnamon and lemon and mixed with Quente Vinho species . Moreover, five of these kiosks that are located on Avenida Liberdade and the Star Garden have decided to adopt a slightly more contemporary outdoor fashion,...

Scooter Solution in Lisbon

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Graça.Brandão Gallery Lisbon

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Lisbon Airport Transfers

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111 Gallery Lisbon

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Toy Museum in Lisbon

A museum that unites a fantastic collection of all types of toys from various times, collected throughout 50 years.

Sao Roque Museum in Lisbon

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Electricity Museum in Lisbon

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